Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Achievements & August Goals

Goals for July:
1. Finish and send out Denise's winnings. Let's just put this off for another month, shall we?
2. Stitch on both UFO RRs. Yes, but I want to put some more hours into them.
3. 3. Work on Namaste. Sadly no.

Unplanned things:
Started Spring Blossoms Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree

Goals for August:
1. Finish and send out Denise's winnings.
2. Stitch on both UFO RRs.
3. Finish Spring Blossoms Biscornu.
4. Finish off at least 2 of my in-progress bags.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another July TUSAL

Yes, that's right. July has 2 new moons. There are 13 new moons this year. I was going to read up on why so I could try for a witty joke, but I'd rather get back to my book.

A weird shot resulting from using the flash in the middle of the night.

Monday, July 25, 2011

While I Wait For Perfection

I'll make do with average.

I am currently working on a new bag*. A really nice green and black one with yoyos and trim. The key word there is working. The outside is done. I just have to make the lining and then assemble it. However I've come to realize that I have issues attaching outer shells to linings. Somehow that's where it all goes wrong.

So while I dither on that, I made this:

This is what happens when you take an old sweater that's too big and cut it up. I think it was supposed to be red, but now it's more of a really faded pink. Not something I want to carry anywhere I'm trying to impress someone, but perfectly fine for when I want to hit the drugstore.

The top of the bag (originally the bottom of the sweater) folds over and widens the bag out, but I probably will keep it unfolded. Since all that pink was boring I tacked on a flower. (Thanks Nima!)

The inside is this yellow/gold that I quite like. Sadly I didn't have much of it so there's only one pocket. This is a bit of an issue since I carry a lot of smallish junk and I like to put them in pockets and this pocket is too small to hold everything.

As a bonus, I finally learnt how to use the fancy stitches on my machine! Woohoo. I remember reading that it's better to stitch stretchy fabric with a zigzag stitch...

There's no closure, since I couldn't figure out what kind I wanted and was too interested in finishing to put it off. I initially hadn't planned on boxing the corners but once finished the bag really needed it, hence the outside. And yes, the flower and the triangles are attached with white thread. I really wanted to take it out today and couldn't find my red thread. That will be fixed eventually.

While I very cunningly remembered the zigzag stitch for stretchy fabric, I seriously underestimated how much the stuff I carry weighs. The result is that the strap stretched out to a ridiculous degree, hence the knot. There's no way I'm undoing anything, but if anyone has any creative suggestions to shorten the strap that'd be appreciated!

*Technically I think I have 4 bags on the go...

Sunday, July 24, 2011


For I have returned! I have battled demons and monsters and persevered and am back!

This one is Lindsay's Beguiling Tiger. I got a bit of a shock when I received it since (keep up with me here) I'd seen a picture of it the previous stitcher had posted and since it looks so detailed I'd assumed that it was a bigger piece. Not so. It's 5x7 on 18 ct. The second shock was when I realized how tiny the holes looked. Apparently I'd gotten used to the 14 ct of the previous designs...

As it arrived:

As it goes out

Now this isn't anything near how much I usually stitch on a round but I was running horribly late so I just sucked it up and sent it on.

And then I pulled out the next RR and somehow it was "click". I may have a picture by the end of the week...

Monday, July 18, 2011


[Tumbleweed rolls by]

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just In Case

If there's someone out there who's trying to get a hold of the Joan Elliot Bookazine, pre-orders for the second printing are being taken here.

Pretty bad but clickable pictures of everything in the book:

Friday, July 1, 2011


Four posts in three days! Talk about your freak occurrences.

I like this view of the jar. The colours are quite varied.
And that dark blue is from Smoky Mountain Cats.