Monday, May 31, 2010

May Achievements & June Goals

Goals for May:
1. Finish Weekend in Paris Yes! Now to find a frame. And since she's 5x7 it isn't going to be expensive!
2. Finish the Red Rose of Sharon dress Done.
3. Start a Hardanger bag Done.

Other things I did that were unplanned:
1. Stitched Bunny Ornament, Love Bunnies & Bunnies in a Basket

Goals for June:
1. Finish Bluebeard's Princess
2. Get caught up on the Hardanger Bag SAL
3. Start Runekeeper Saga
4. Work on whichever piece wins the poll
5. And now that I've discovered the poll options, go crazy with the power!!!

Despite working full time it feels like I did a lot of things in May. And I think this is the first time I've hit all my goals.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A new start and a question

I first saw this on Michelle's blog where she's doing two, one in ecru and the other in blue-grey. I've done a few small hardanger pieces but since this didn't look too difficult I decided to join in.

It's a SAL conducted by Mamen (I knew two years of Spanish would come in handy!). It's at part 6 right now. I just finished part two.

I wanted to do it in non-traditional colours. This is black on pale grey-green. The photo is pretty bad, but the thunderstorm isn't great for lighting!

I knew from the start that I wanted it in not-white colours. It was a toss up between red or black floss, and I eventually went with black. The fabric? That's a pretty funny story. I was at my LNS and she had this lovely pink fabric and I was leaning towards that.
LNS: What are you starting with that choice?
Me: A hardanger bag.
LNS: Black on pink fabric? Who is it for?
Me: Me
LNS: Pink fabric?
Me: Yes
LNS: No, that won't work.
Me: Why not? It'll look great!
LNS: Definitely! It'll be gorgeous. But it'll never be used.
Me: ?
LNS: Honey, you're not a pink kind of girl. Can you honestly see yourself carrying a pink bag?
Me: But it'll look gorgeous!!!
LNS: But will you carry it in public?

We decided on a grey-green!

As to the question: I'm having trouble picking something to work on. Bluebeard's Princess is waiting for beads, Elemental Dragons is on semi-permanent hiatus, and the others aren't calling very loudly. So I thought "Why not let others choose?"

There's a poll up by the side. What would you like to see? Either finished or just a lot more stitching? Progress pictures are in the sidebar. Let your voice be heard! Exercise your right to vote!

Rose of Sharon Red Conversion

Since I've had a few people ask and to make life easier for all:

The dress:
746 becomes 666
745 becomes 321
676 becomes 498
729 becomes either 815 or 816
829/680 becomes 814
680 becomes 814/898

The conversion I've stitched is with gold ruffles.
Cream ruffles
3756 becomes 3865
3752 becomes 712
932 becomes 739
931 becomes 738

Gold ruffles
3756 becomes 746
3752 becomes 745
932 becomes 676
931 becomes 729

All credit to Princess on the Mira BB

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mail from across the pond

Cath, over at The Stitchin' Chicken, had a small contest a while back and sent me this very cute pincushion! Cue to me spending the next ten minutes trying to figure out who the designer is and where I'd seen it before (since it looked familiar). After my mental acuity failed I turned to Google which gave the answer in 0.18 seconds.

A Hug Will Do

A shot of the very pretty backing. Why is it that my local stores never have anything like this? Or if they do, why can I never find them?

And it's my very first Lizzie*Kate.

Monday, May 24, 2010

End of May Long

Well, May Long Weekend was productive in the sense that I slept and rested, but not very productive otherwise.

I did finish off Rose of Sharon's gorgeous dress.

Rose of Sharon
32ct Ivory Lugana

Friday, May 21, 2010

May Long begins with a whimper

Background for non-Canadians. Victoria Day is celebrated on the 24th of May or the Monday before it. (Hey what can I say? We're a bit strange that way~). It celebrates both Queen Victoria's and the current reigning monarch's birthday. Elizabeth II's actual birthday is April 21, but the "official" one is May 24th.

It's the only long week-end in May and is called May Long Weekend (self-explanatory), May Long, and May Two-Four (because it's around the 24th and you drink beer that comes in a pack of 24, a "two-four"). It officially begins on Friday at around 4 o'clock or whenever you escape leave work. It's when everyone goes up to their cottages and summer begins.

I had big plans: finish Bluebeard's Princess, finish all the Bunnies, finish my bag, sleep. I started beading BP around when May Long officially started (4-ish). And then I discovered that I hadn't bought one of the beads. So she's paused.

Bluebeard's Princess
32ct Laurel Linen

Some close ups of the beading so far:

The beads are the more expensive Magnifica, which lie very prettily.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrapping up the bunny fest

Bunnies in a Basket
28 ct opalescent white
Previous bunnies here

Designer is Brittercup Designs of the famous cat outlines.

This took the longest and I was sick of the basket by the end. I am wondering if the flower on the left is too close in colour to the heart? I'll have to see how it looks in sunlight. On to something NOT over one.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Once more, it's a day late.

Tons and tons of red from Cirque des Cercles and Rose of Sharon

1 Bunny, 2 Bunny, 3

As hinted last time I've had a couple of small finishes.

A while ago Pumpkin posted this and they were so cute that I just had to stitch them.

I'm doing the whole lot over one on 28 count opalescent white something with the DMC conversion. A few colour substitutions since I don't have all the colours.

One of these has a mistake. A pretty major one, any eagle eyed spotters?

Bunny Ornament:

Love Bunnies:

And I've just started Bunnies in a Basket.

Now the question of the day is how to finish them? They're all pretty tiny. Bunnies Ornament is going to be a scissors fob, but I'm undecided on the other two. I'm thinking a needlebook and a pinkeep, but which one for which finish? Any suggestions? Or maybe something completely different?

The mistake? The grass under the right bunny in Love Bunnies is higher than it should be. I missed a row when stitching the tail, and I didn't feel like frogging, so more grass!
And honestly? Would you know if I hadn't told you~

Monday, May 10, 2010

C'est fini

A big thank you to everyone for the encouragement and support. Sometimes it's just about having someone listen~

The weekend was very good in terms of stitching. I finished off all the back stitching in Weekend in Paris. This is a bit of an odd design since only the lady and a few of the letters are full crosses. The entire background and all the red are half crosses. They look thick because they are either 3 or 4 strands! All the half crosses actually skewed the piece a little. The corners aren't right angles but are slightly off. I'm trying to figure out how to stretch/warp it to a rectangle instead of a parallelogram.

Since I like doing this sort of thing, a before backstitch picture:

And after:

Start date January 18, 2010
Finish date May 9, 2010
Fabric 18 count white Aida
Total time 47.25 hours

And because I want more finishes I have a couple of new starts. I'm pretty sure that one will actually be a finish by tomorrow. (Since they'll take less than 10 hours I'm just going to sneak them in and out and we'll all pretend that my wagon/diet/whatever is still working LOL)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A "Poor Me", All Whine Post

Backstory: I just finished my 1st year of a 2 year program that will turn me into a lab rat (in either the chemical or biological industry). Part of the program is working a Co-op term which I started on Monday. I've only worked full time once before and that job wasn't very hard.

I AM EXHAUSTED! I wake up at the crack of dawn, wear my winter jacket (why yes, Winnipeg weather has gone back to the single digits!), catch a too-early bus for 1 hour, work & work & work, take the bus home, eat and then sleep. It's times like this that I wish I could just stay in school forever! Studying is so much more easier than working! How on earth do you who work and herd kids do it? I can barely herd myself!

So what with all the fatigue I really haven't had much of a chance to stitch anything, which is making me crabbier and more grumpy.

Did I mention the weather? Today was a high of 6 Celsius. With a windchill of about -2. In May. *Grumble grumble swear grumble*

And of course my camera batteries are dead. I think it's a conspiracy involving the camera people and the battery people to drain money from poor crabby students.


I swear I'm going to end up being the neighbourhood crazy crabby lady (without cats) who sits on the lawn, threatens kids when they run across the lawn, and complains loudly about how "Back in my day...", "...walked twenty miles in the snow in my bare feet..." and "Kids these days have no respect..." etc.

And I'm hungry. But never at lunch or dinner time. Just at random hours. eg I wasn't hungry at dinner time (8 pm) but I'm starving now (at 1 am).

Where's my rich Prince Charming who'll sweep me off my feet to live the life of luxury I was meant for?

In keeping with my grumpy mood instead of flowers and spring I'll leave you with these winter pictures cannibalized from the net.

PS. I'm just venting. I'm incredibly grateful for my job and really enjoy what I'm doing.