Monday, February 28, 2011

February Achievements & March Goals

Goals for February:
1. Finish and mail out Kathy's winnings!!! That would be a big fat "No".
2. Stitch on the UFO RR Done and it must go out soon.
3. Finish Masquerade (if I ever get around to Michaels/LNS to get that thread! Woohoo!
4. Stitch a themed small for my pinkeep collection No.
5. Stitch on The Runekeeper Saga Got a fair bit done.

Goals for March:
1. Finish and mail out Kathy's winnings.
2. Stitch on both UFO RRs
3. Finish Celtic Spring
4. Stitch a themed small for my pinkeep collection
5. Stitch on The Runekeeper Saga

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Needs Some Bling

Which has to wait since I have yet to purchase said bling. Here she is with all the DMC stitched.

Celtic Spring
32 ct White Lugana

These flowers have 4 yellows, 3 greens and are missing some beads.

And as for my studying this reading week... well, I'm sure I can pass the courses.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Castle, Some Greenery and A Rant

The 4th round (I can't believe that it's already half way through) was Theialin's My Lady's Chateau.

It arrived as this:

And I really really wanted to stitch the castle. But I've been stitching all my favourite parts on everyone's UFOs. Admittedly I don't think this is a bad thing, because the idea is to give these UFOs a nice boost. I depriving someone further down the line the chance to stitch a part they have their eye on? Am I over thinking things???

So I stitched the castle and tons of boring greenery to make up for my self-induced guilt. Which leads to the rant:

This is a Dimensions chart, so multi-coloured symbols. That I can deal with. But a "E" next to "E"? and "r" next to "r"? And a light green heart next to a black heart? (There was also a blue heart, but thankfully in a different part of the chart). Aaarghh!!!

Actually, now that I look at it I got a crazy amount done! Maybe I should apply this "guilt" thing to my own works...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Purple Cloak

Two days of solid stitching later, I'm done the cloak.

Celtic Spring
32 ct White Lugana

I'm debating what to do about the gold. I'm keeping it for the cloak, but I'm not sure I like it for the dress. Since the dress is a paler purple it looks like the gold just fades in (from what I can see of the model and pictures online). So I'm thinking about using a purple metallic in the dress...decisions, decisions.

Any folks who've stitched her have anything to say?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Mail and New Mail

Ages ago Christine very generous decided to pass on Midnight by Lavender Wings.

And yesterday the second part of my winning from the Ink Circles SAL arrived. Rachel offered a GC to Anita's Little Stitches which Anita doubled, so toss in a bit more dough and I get this pile in the mail:

I now have all three Cirques. And Dani is to blame for Art Deco Spirits, and Justflo for 12 Days of Christmas. I kinda want to stitch 12 Days for this Christmas, but we'll see how it goes.

In other news I am now officially on Reading Week, a time to study for my exams on Feb 28-Mar 4. Sadly this won't happen since I plan on getting caught up on my stitching and reading (and cram on the last weekend).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Moon of Milk and Cream

I started with the DMC conversion but switched out most of the colours since they looked far too different from the model. My favourite part:

DesignerInk Circles
Start dateJanuary 19, 2011
Finish dateFebruary 12, 2011
Total time38 hours
Fabric32 ct Pewter lugana
Floss White, 745, 844, 3053, 3740, 3825, 4230

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blame Andie

Somewhere in my massive (and ever growing and clearly not-to-be-finished-in-this-lifetime) list I had Celtic Spring.

And then Andie posted this last December...

So I went to stash and started it the same day!

Celtic Spring
32 ct White Lugana

I'm only planning on stitching the lady and not the background/text. I plan on stitching her, and this conversion of Autumn. The colours are so vivid and rich. I don't care for Summer and Winter and unless I find a killer conversion they're not on the list.

And that brings my WIP count to 16. I think.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

TUSAL February

Unless last month where I was bemoaning my lack of threads, I really wish I didn't have this much this month!

All that yellow is from a marathon frogging session with Spring Queen.

On a cheerful note: Congratulations and be prosperous (or Kung Hay Fat Choy as friend finally trained me to say after a lot of "Say it like I'm saying it" and "But I am saying it just like you!"). Cute bunnies from last year:

Brittercup - Love Bunnies (from the Bunnies Galore leaflet)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boring Beige Blob

I've been telling myself that I haven't had much progress on my New Year's start. But I realized a while ago that I've actually made a ton of progress. Unfortunately it's all beige and just a blob.

I decided that I had to stitch Mab's counterpart.

Spring Queen
32 ct White Lugana

Winter Queen was the first Mira I ever started and finished. I absolutely adore her! She's Queen Mab to me because I was reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files about the time I was wrapping her up and it just clicked. I can't honestly call Spring Titania because she hasn't really appeared in the books much.

Initially I hadn't planned on stitching any of the other queens but Spring eventually grew on me. I don't think Summer's pose fits in, and I just dislike Autumn's colours, so they're a guaranteed no-way.

Spring has been flipped so that she and Mab will face each other. The pipe dream is to finish her this year and get them both framed.