Sunday, November 17, 2013

Accept Defeat & Start Over

I started Why Hoard Gold? in 2010 and haven't touched it since October 2010. Since then I've put about 15 minutes in, so I decided to finish it off as a break from all the greys and blues of Deco Spirits.
Ten minutes in I remembered why I put WHG away. It's stitched in Anchor Marlitt threads which are a slippery nightmare. I was determined to continue because I was half-way done the dragon and I didn't want to waste the effort or the thread. Another five minutes and I was ready to throw it right back into the depths of the WIPs drawer.

So I frogged the whole thing (which took a long time and a good lint roller). Then I dug up a different Dragon Dreams chart for a conversion. Since Jennifer tends to use the same general palette it was pretty easy.

Because the holes from the previous stitching were very pronounced (you can see it in the bit of body where I ran out of thread) I matched up the stitching so that they would fall in the same place. It wasn't difficult at all and I'm pleased I went the extra step.
And now I'm even further than I was before. I'm pretty sure I'll be done by next week. Sometimes it really is best to accept defeat and start over again.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Shocked

One hundred hours and two and a bit Spirits in, I'm in a bit of a shock. I think it's the realization that I've actually stitched one hundred hours straight on one WIP. Still they look good!

Deco Spirits
32 ct White Lugana

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I was picking out which photo to use when I realized that those green things near the bottom of Water are fish. I thought they were greenish waves when I was stitching them! And I really think those green and gold "waves" are tentacle suckers. Now I'm wondering if this is some sort of Ursula-like half-woman half-octopus being...

Deco Spirits
32 ct White Lugana