Sunday, October 27, 2013

Part Two Of Four

I finished off Earth and am quite a ways into Water. I really hope I got the space between them right, but I'm not too worried since there won't be a problem as long as I make sure the other two balance out.

Deco Spirits
32 ct White Lugana

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why A Star

I'm so close to finishing Earth and then it's onto Water which is about half Kreinik. Also, if she's Earth then why does she have a star? That's not very earthy...

Deco Spirits
32 ct White Lugana

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blue, White and Grey

I rewarded myself for my recent spree of finishes with a new start. It was toss-up between Mirabilia's Cinderella and Deco Spirits and I eventually went with the latter.

I got a ridiculous amount of stitching done this week so you can see a fair bit of Earth here.

Deco Spirits
32 ct White Lugana

There is so much metallics in this! And it has strange cotton/metallic combinations too. It has one symbol that's 2 strands DMC and one Blending Filament. Is there anyone out there who likes stitching with that stuff? There's another that's one strand Kreinik #8 and one strand DMC. The Kreinik simply shreds the DMC to pieces! I've made the executive decision to stitch those with a full cross in #8 and put a half cross on top with one strand DMC. Same for the BF ones (one strand #8 full cross and one strand DMC half cross on top). I hope it works out.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Circus Over

Cirque des Triangles is finished! It will now go into the "to frame" drawer next to Cirque des Cercles and wait until I stitch Cirque des Cadeaux (and Cirque des Coeurs once I actually get around to buying it).

It's stitched on 32 ct Lemon Whip lugana, 2 over 2. The floss is DMC 115 which is part of DMC's older series of varigated threads. All that is exactly the same as Circles, but Triangles took one hour more.

And in case folks want a better look at some of the motifs:
TitleCirque des Triangles
DesignerInk Circles
Start dateAugust 12, 2012
Finish dateOctober 6, 2013
Total time98.5 hours
Fabric32 ct Lemon Whip Lugana
Floss DMC 115