Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Achievements & July Goals

Goals for June:
1. Finish the last Mill Hill ornie. Done! They're all cut out and waiting for their ribbons/hanging method.
2. Finish Mediterranean Mermaid. Everything that can be done is done. I'm waiting for my LNS to get some beads. So I guess I'll be done something in October?
3. 10 hours of Autumn Winds. 6 hours.

Unexpectedly This Month:
1. Started and finished Heart of Canada.
2. Started and finished Heart of Ontario.
3. Started and finished Heart of Quebec.

Goals for July:
1. Start and finish the next Heart.
2. 10 hours of Autumn Winds.
3. 10 hours of Cinderella.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Stitch From Stash - June

Month: June
Spent: 0

Carryover: 100.85

Part A of this year's SFS went well for me. I held to the budget pretty well. With the exception of May, where I used the birthday exception, most of my expenses went towards finishing and other non-stitchy but crafty things. I hope that the second half of the year continues to have minimal stash purchasing and lots of stash usage :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Smalls

This month I finished off the last of the Harmonic Holidays series. They've all been cut out and only need to have the drumsticks and bow attached and then have a cord attached.
I also started the Hearts of Canada series and finished off Canada and Ontario. I wasn't planning on stitching Ontario but I was enjoying Canada so much that I started the next one :D

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Most Populous Province

I haven't felt like really sitting down to stitch over the last few days, so I've decided to continue with the Hearts of Canada series. They're small and full of motifs that I feel like I've accomplished something every time I sit down.

Ontario is one of the original provinces formed when three British colonies became the Dominion of Canada in 1867. It's not the biggest province or territory but about 40% of Canadians live there.

Pictured are the provincial flower, the trillium; the provincial bird, the loon and the provincial tree, the white pine.

The specialty stitch is the Tied Herringbone with I hadn't done before but was very easy.

TitleHeart of Ontario
DesignerThe Victoria Sampler
Start dateJune 19, 2015
Finish dateJune 21, 2015
Total time4.75 hours
Fabric32 ct white lugana
FlossAs charted

Thursday, June 18, 2015

O Canada

Unlike my usual habit, I finished Heart of Canada by The Victoria Sampler well before Canada Day. It's a cute finish and stitched up very quick. I had barely any time to stitch this week so it took longer than it should have.

I struggled a little with the sheaf stitches since you have to bring the needles up from behind the middle stitch and wrap it around and then put it back in the same hole. I kept piercing the threads. By the time I got the hang of it I was done.

Not much in the way of changes: I filled in the white in the flag since it looked a bit odd to me to have the fabric visible for just that part.

TitleHeart of Canada
DesignerThe Victoria Sampler
Start dateJune 14, 2015
Finish dateJune 18, 2015
Total time6 hours
Fabric32 ct white lugana
FlossAs charted

Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Close I Can Almost See The Finish

Mediterranean Mermaid is on break while I wait for beads.

I apparently used the giant white beads near the vase for a different project and there wasn't enough for this one. And one type of fancy bead is still on order at my LNS, so a couple of those things trailing from her side fins aren't stitched. I'm not happy because my needles were on fire (except for Trumpet I haven't put a needle to anything else since I started), and I don't want to stop. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Mediterranean Mermaid
32 ct Summersky Lugana

She is so ridiculously full of beads. Some of the beads flowing from the vase aren't in the exact right place because counting them is a nightmare. But hey, they look good and "flow" properly so I'm calling that part done :D

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Trumpet Call

Celebrate with me! I've finished the last of the Harmonic Holiday series. Here is Trumpet, fresh off the needle and not yet cut out.
I had to leave the greenery on the upper left off since I ran out of beads and I'm not buying another pack for ten beads. It sort of defeats the purpose of using up leftover beads if you end up with more beads than you start out with XD

In other news: I've joined Instagram. I'm therapy_by_thread there too. I found a couple of people so far, but I have no idea where everyone is. Come find me!

So far it's just a picture of Mediterranean Mermaid right before I started to add the beads (yes, I'm at that point already!) I took a short break to finish off the Mill Hill series, but I expect to have MM finished by the end of the week.

DesignerMill Hill
Start dateJune 4, 2015
Finish dateJune 6, 2015
Total time3 hours
Fabric14 ct white perforated paper
FlossAs charted
BeadsMH 2001, 2011, 2055, 3043