Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Achievements & October Goals

Goals for September:
1. Finish Sleepy Hollow HA HA HA! No.

Other things I did that were unplanned:
1. Worked on Cirque des Cercles
2. Worked on Why Hoard Gold?

Goals for October:
1. Finish Sleepy Hollow
2. Stitch on the UFORR and mail it out

Not the most productive of months.

Red Circles

Yay I got my camera. Um, it's black and already has a billion prints. This was a test photo. I still have to read the manual and play with the settings.

Cirque des Cercles
32 ct Lemon Whip Lugana, DMC 115

Cirque progress for the month. You know, I bet if I really wanted to I could finish this next month. Definitely by the end of the year...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Zen & the Art of Exercise

Turns out that my local Canada Post closes at 3 on Fridays. So still cameraless. But I have now passed beyond anger and frustration and disappointment. I am a calm pebble in an ocean of tranquility.

After a session with Cirque I felt like more colour, so I went green.

Why Hoard Gold?
28 ct white lugana

This is actually stitching up quite fast and I'm enjoying it. The scan exaggerates the difference between the greens. I've decided to finish all the parts that use Anchor Marlitt thread first. It's definitely an interesting experience using them. They don't stay together. And they tangle up like crazy! The modus is short threads and firm, smooth pulls.

In unrelated news, my mum, in a fit of health consciousness, has bought a treadmill. And decided that I'm going to be exercising with her in the spirit of solidarity and because it's good for me (or something to that effect). I think she just wants me to suffer with her.
My first run will be tomorrow. So if I don't show up for the next while I'm probably looking for a chainsaw to introduce to the treadmill.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Got the notice today that the camera is at the post office. Am I the only one seeing a connection between a whiny post and a delivery?!

No picture of my WIP because I'm not battling the scanner if a proper photo is a day away.

A big thanks to the suckers awesome people who've agreed to an exchange with me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Still waiting on my camera. Yesterday, according to CP it arrived in Winnipeg on the 18 and was re-routed and wandering the city. Today, CP has no idea where it is. *Sigh* Why do I keep hoping for miracles? You figure by now I'll have accepted CP and it's foibles.

Oh yeah, the day after my last whine session package 1 arrived in Venezuela (thank goodness) and the one to the States got there too. Still waiting on Malaysia.

Maybe I'll battle the scanner tomorrow for a picture of what I've been up to. Maybe.

And just for fun: a beaver. The one true Canadian animal. (I've never actually seen one outside a zoo.)

And to wrap up: anyone interested in swapping a biscornu? I figure we can each pick one of the billion freebies out there, stitch and mail. Or! I can send a biscornu (pretty much the only finish I'm truly comfortable with) and you can send me your favourite finish!
Keep in mind that the mail will go through Canada Post, the people who put the "snail" in snail mail. And you've heard me whine about them plenty! My email is in my profile.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Man Proposes, God Disposes

And in my case, the Devil Counterposes.

Proposal: I shall mail these two giveaway prizes off to Venezuela and Malaysia respectively and they shall arrive in two weeks.
Disposal: 4 weeks and they have not yet arrived.

Proposal: I shall purchase this camera over the internet.
Disposal: My choice shall suddenly go out of stock and I shall not be informed.

Proposal: I shall mail this package to the US and it shall arrive in 4-6 days.
Disposal: The package shall stay in the sorting office for 6 days.

Proposal: I shall work on Sleepy Hollow.
Disposal: Perhaps not.

Counterposal: Why not work on Cirque des Cercles? Isn't the red pretty?

*Counterpose is an actual word, but counterposal is not

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Galloping Hessian!

Today is the new moon. Unfortunately I lack a camera, and therefore no picture of my TUSAL jar.

In apology I offer this (atrocious) scan of my newest project: Glendon Place's Sleepy Hollow. His Headlessness is from Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" available for free since it passed out of copyright ages ago. A very enjoyable story but be warned that Irving is a flowery & descriptive writer.

My computer is on it's last legs and simply can't run any photo editing software. My camera died in the move and my brother took his camera when he went back to university. So until my new camera arrives (hopefully in a week) we'll all have to cringe through truly bad scans.

Sleepy Hollow
32 ct Thunderstorm

This picture in no way resembles what's sitting before me. Sadly it's the best I can do. The fabric is 32ct Thunderstorm linen, a very nice splotchy grey.

The scan actually cuts off a bit more of the border. I've reached the top and finished the rightmost pumpkin & bat. The border actually isn't too bad, but I'm alternating it & the horse so I don't get too bored.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Different Kind of Biscornu

I have a daily commute which may or may not involve waiting 30 minutes for a bus. (Winnipeg transit is not the best in the world.) What better way to kill time than by stitching?

I didn't want to deal with multiple colours and in the hunt for a monochromatic small I dug through my freebies and started Anita's 15 sided blackwork biscornu. Except I decided to stitch it on 18ct black aida with white thread.

The motifs are 14 stitches long, which makes them a little under an inch. I've never made a 15 sided biscornu before so it should be an interesting exercise.