Friday, October 30, 2009

A red house and a few pumpkins

is all I got done. I've been stitching with two threads and I have to admit that the coverage isn't too good for the witch or the house...

I think I'm going to finish all the pumpkins and their stems and then put this away for a bit. It'll be that vast amount of brown ground, the two cats at the top and their orange background and that frame. I'm loosing my gungho-ness for this piece so I need to move on before I start to hate it.

Halloween has always been a bit odd for me. I came to Canada too old to go trick or treating, none of my little cousins go trick or treating and I've always lived in apartments or condos, so no door-to-door treaters.
I think I'll spend tomorrow celebrating the true spirit of Halloween: by eating CANDY!

(Actually what is the true spirit of Halloween?)

Anyway, Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain or Happy All Hallow's Eve, if you celebrate any of them, and if not celebrate the candy!


Daffycat said...

Wonderful progress!

Happy Halloween!

Zeb said...

You could technically just do the cats and leave the ground out altogether? Kinda works without it :)

Beautiful though, this is definitely on my wishlist.


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Great "Witches Go Riding!" I agree with Zeb, you can leave the ground out.
What's the true meaning of Halloween? A time to be outlandish. A time to embrace your inner, naughty child! :]

Ranae said...

Super nice progress! I love this piece.
Happy Halloweenie!!!