Monday, October 26, 2009

More Witchy Goodness

Ok, so I haven't reached the witch yet. But I picked op the missing floss, finished off the moon (which I love, it's so awesome!), and am almost done the tree.
I never actually noticed that there were two crows in the tree! That was a pleasant surprise. (Yes, I've only actually stitched one crow, or maybe it's a raven?)

I think I'm going to seriously push to finish this by Saturday. Of course it won't be framed for ages, but it'll be done by Halloween!

I've been on a slightly insane rampage of reading and following new-to-me blogs. In the nature of things, this means I have about a dozen new patterns I MUST stitch. Topping the list for next Halloween (yes Mum, I can plan long-term!) are "Something Wicked" by La-D-Da and "Sleepy Hollow" by Glendon Place.
Actually I haven't seen a finish of Sleepy Hollow yet, but it looks so cool. Now I feel like reading "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"...

I'm off to Fabricland tomorrow to see if I can find some decent handles for my patchwork bag (Michaels has nothing) and then I shall share my magnificent marvel. I hope.

A Question:
I picked up a couple of those DMC floss rings because they were dirt cheap. And I want to make a few floss tags. The internet is filled with awesome tutorials, so I'm set for the "How-to" bit.
BUT, none of them tell me what size the eyelet should be. I was overwhelmed by choice: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" etc. What size is big enough that the ring slides easily, but not so big that it...well, looks too big?


Annie said...

Love the witchy piece.

1/8" is too small. 3/16" is about right and there are a lot of 3/16" eyelets. I really like my 5/16" the best. I haven't seen 1/4", but those would be perfect.

Kathy said...

I love the PS piece you are working on. I'm not really a Halloween fan but something about this one really appeals to me. Yours is looking great. I hope you are able to get it done by Saturday.

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Ranae said...

This is a awesome PS design and it's loooking really good.
I am not sure the size as I don't have the box. I buy the rings then match the size eyelets for them.
You have many wonderful WIP's going on.
The Dragons look fabulous.

Blu said...

Thanks Ranae,
The dragons are on semipermanent hiatus because I don't have the Kreiniks and don't feel like buying them for a few stitches and haven't figured out any alternatives yet...