Saturday, October 10, 2009

More bluebell

I got most of her skirt done. There's a large patch of #800 that was just boring to stitch.

I also started The Sweetheart Tree's Baby Shamrock Biscornu, but there isn't enough progress to warrant a picture.

And, when I was coming home yesterday it was snowing! Giant clumps of snowflakes. And the roads were icy. It's still the middle of October! Where's my nice fall weather? *grumble grumble*


Kathy said...

Hi Blu,

Thanks for the comment on my blog hun, she sure does have tons of beads already lol, and plenty more to come.

Bluebell looks great so far hun,I am hoping to stitch her next.

Your Peacock HD is gorgeous too, congrats hun

Hugs xxxxx

Andie said...

Beautiful!! Even if it was boring lol