Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Achievements & November Goals

Goals for October:
1. Finish Beautiful Bird DONE! Now I just need to mail it out
2. Finish Think on These Things I just have the entire border to go
3. Start and stitch everything except the beading on Nora Corbett's Bluebell Almost, just the backstitch left. So I figure it counts...
4. Stitch at least 20 hours on Ganesha Nope. Somehow I'm just not inspired
5. Stitch Sweetheart Tree's Shamrock Biscornu Started, but I'm getting annoyed with the central Celtic Knot

Other things I did that were unplanned:
1. Started Prairie Schooler's When Witches Go Riding
2. Started to finish Arabesque S as a bag

Goals for November:
1. Stitch Space Invader Sampler and finish as a bag
2. Finish "S" bag
3. Finish Shamrock Biscornu
4. Stitch at least 20 hours on Ganesha
5. Stitch and finish a few floss tags

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

What color fabric are you stitching Bluebell on? I've got her coming in the mail as we speak :)