Sunday, October 18, 2009

Midterms and such things...

Mostly midterms.

I haven't had much time to stitch because of term tests and midterms. Hopefully the coming week will be better.

I did get all of the words in "Think on These Things" stitched. I just have a green motif and then the border. I think I will make this a pinkeep and start a pinkeep collection.

After saying that I would never ever ever stitch a HAED, I've realized that sometimes you just have to accept that the universe doesn't listen! My main reason to refuse/resist the HAED call is that either the picture isn't my style, it's too big for my goldfish attention span or that it looks better as a picture than as a cross stitch. Well, I saw this:

Autumn Winds.

Even worse (or better) I saw a finish of it on a red opalescent and was a goner. A quick check of my floss showed that I'm missing half, so I'm not starting this week (a good thing). However I'm close to a couple of HDs, so maybe Autumn's closer than I thought...

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Kttycat said...

Don't feel bad I don't feel I have the attention span to do a HEAD either but i'd love to try a couple of them.