Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April SFS

I signed up for IHSW and failed horribly. I watched too much random tv and ate too much junk food and stitched about five stitches. It was a weekend best forgotten and I intend to move past it asap.

I also went on that shopping spree I've been threatening to go on. In anticipation of my birthday, which is next month, I shopped so that I would have everything ready to start on that day.

No pictures because it's all still on it's way. Hopefully it'll be here before May. Canada Post blah blah blah atrocious service blah blah blah.

Items Cost
4 skeins DMC, 1 spool Kreinik, 25 ct black lugana 26"x26" 38.19
Ohm by AAN 24.18

Previous spending $7.26
Spending so far is $69.63
I have $30.37 banked

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April WIPocalypse

Right now Egyptian Sampler looks like this:

I don't want to jinx it by saying so, but I think I'm pretty close to a finish :)

This month's question: How do you keep your stash organized?
Since I skipped last week due to shame at the slovenly way I keep my room I thought I'd share the somewhat disorganized way I keep my stash. Almost everything takes up three drawers in a chest of drawers.

All my unused fabric is in one drawer. Everything is labelled with the size and count. Anything earmarked for a project has the project written down (because the number of times I used to get confused over why I had a particular piece of fabric cannot be counted). Little scraps that I'm convinced I'm somehow use are in a corner.

All finishes are in another drawer. This one is getting pretty full.

DMC is in five boxes. It felt like to took forever to get every colour on a bobbin but I'm so pleased that I did it. I actually have one giant set of floss that I work out of. I used to pull the colours for a particular project and keep them separately, but after I bought the same colour six times because I couldn't remember where it was I gave up and consolidated everything. Occasionally a dyelot changes and things go horrifyingly wrong, but mostly I never have to wonder where a particular floss is or whether I've cannibalized it for something.

All my books, magazine, charts and printed freebies are in a shopping bag. I keep everything by the same designer in one giant ziplog bag so they take up a little less space than if they were in individual plastic sleeves.

Everything else is in the last drawer, piled in controlled chaos.

The upper left is where I keep all non-DMC threads. The red is for my other Cirque projects, there's some anchor threads from Maia, The Shepherd's Bush thread-holder is leftover thread, there's some leftover Dimensions thread on a floss ring. Threads from the companies like Week Dye Works, Dinky Dyes etc are on their own floss ring. Next to that is my pile of ribbons. The two boxes in the bottom left contain all my Kreinik. Next to them is my tiny collection of pearl cotton.

The upper right box has all my trims.

All extra skeins of DMC are in bags corresponding to which box they would be in.

All Mill Hill beads are on floss rings in numerical order in their original packaging.

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of my WIPs, but they're all rolled up in a bag next to the bag of charts. It's a bit messy but it's organized enough for me :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Border

I picked up that missing DMC and it's back to the border. I also did a bit of the papyrus background in the centre panel; it was a bit annoying because I kept getting lost on which "stalk" I was on since many of them are a little different since the figures cut off parts.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Down to the Border

The pharaoh is done. I've run out of one of the yellows in the border. Montenegrin Stitch is fun. Egyptian Sampler continues to chug along.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second TUSAL Of The Month

Those bits of orange are from this month's biscornu, Morocco. The blue-grey is from finally frogging a long abandoned piece. Now I just need to find something other design to fit the fabric...

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Very Citrusy Biscornu

A couple of days late, but worth it I think.
I started a blackwork biscornu for this month but it was taking a lot longer than I thought so I started something else. This is Morocco by Olga. She has a bunch of gorgeous freebies if you want to take a look.

I wasn't sure what colours to use and decided to go with one side in spring colours and the other in wintery colours (yes I was going to stitch both sides since I like the design). But I impulsively went with an almost neon orange. I'm so glad I did! Combined with the green and yellow which make me think of a cut lemon it's so sunny and bright. And the contrast with the blues would've been too much so I just went with the citrus theme.
Since I was keeping the same colour scheme I didn't end up stitching the entire second side. So one of the things I'm trying with these smalls is to use up left over floss. I had a bit of a panic at the end when I thought I was about to run out of the orange and green and that I would have to buy more, thus defeating the "use up old floss" part of the plan. It turned out that I had another skein of the orange lying around but I did run out of the green and had to make a change.
The Jessica Stitch in the middle was so much fun. The fabric ended up puckering a little but it disappeared after assembly so it's all good.
I think the middle of the green circles was supposed to by an eyelet but I went with a Rhodes stitch instead. And I have no idea what that arrow-like stitch is called, but it was fun too.
I just really like that arrow.
I had this lovely orange button I was planning on using for the middle but it would've covered up most of the Jessica so I went with some beads instead.
Whenever I stitch something with specialty stitches I remember how fun they are. Sometimes I think I should take up canvaswork since those designs use so many. But then I remember that they also use all sorts of specialty threads that are outside my budget and I come back down to earth. Still I think I'm going to stitch some more of Olga's freebies to satisfy my yen.

Start dateMarch 26, 2014
Finish dateMarch 27, 2014
Total time10.75 hours
Fabric25 ct antique white lugana
FlossCrescent Colours Lobster Claw, Dinky Dyes Lemon Lime, Weeks Dye Works Emerald
BeadsMill Hill 2002

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Frugal Life For Me

Where did the month go? It feel like it was yesterday I was watching the Olympics and cursing the snow. Well, the snow is still here...

I spent a whopping zero dollars since my last Stitch From Stash report, so that's good. I feel like I've been exceptionally frugal these few months (because I have). Now I'm resisting the temptation to go on a celebratory spending spree.

My total so far is $7.26
I have $67.75 banked

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