Sunday, September 20, 2009

That went well...

Or not. My plan to work on Ganesha for 10 hours failed. Mostly because I didn't stitch at all. I got completely distracted rereading Kresley Cole.
I also decided to take part in the Mirabilia BB Pixie Couture competition by stitching all the DMC in Bluebell. (Yes, another new start).
Then I dropped off a bunch of stuff at the framers. All in all it was a lazy weekend.
And I realized about 10 minutes ago that I have a test tomorrow for which I am not prepared and really don't feel like preparing either.
How I wish that Lotto 649 would be mine!


Zeb said...

Heheh sometimes we just don't HAVE to stitch ya know? Maybe you need a break? Or pick up something small and fun to get back yer mojo? :)

Blu said...

Wait, what? I DON'T have to I should take a break... (j/k)