Saturday, September 12, 2009

I was undecisive

So I dug out my Red Rose of Sharon. I last worked on her in April.

But about 2 hours of stitching later, (no pic) I got tired of her.

So I went and dug out my stash to start Peacock Majesty. And found that I was missing the floss for the 1st symbol I was going to stitch. So I promptly put it back.

Then I waffled for a bit. And I just printed out TW's Stretch. We'll see how that goes. I really need a fun new stitch to get me out of my blues. (And yes, I started Ganesha last week...)

1 comment:

Zeb said...

Your Rose of Sharon looks stunning, but unless I was super motivated all the reds would kill me. I need to get the red/white conversion off Andie (off the Mirabilia forum) too at some stage.

But... but... if this is the TW Peacock Majesty, thats even SCARIER than RoS! XD