Friday, September 18, 2009

A bird and a birdbrain

More of the bird

Not much shows because I stitched all the flowers and they're white. They'll be visible when the bluish background is stitched, but right now they're faint.

The birdbrain part: As I was stitching I realized that I've been referring to the peacock as an "it". However a peacock is male, so I should be saying "he". I was proud of myself for all of a second... before I realized that I was an idiot for not remembering. And as a biology major, I should really know this. Not be proud I figured it out after a week!

After that disappointing realization about me and my brain, I came to a conclusion that made me feel a bit better. I really need to buckle down and stitch Ganesha. So weekends will be for him. And him alone. To the tune of at least 10 hours. This way I'll be done in an year (I hope). I mean, it can't take more than 520 hours, can it?

So the peacock is set aside for now and it's Ganesha for the weekend.

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Meari said...

Your peacock looks great!