Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Achievements & October Goals

Goals for September:
1. Finish TOT DONE!
2. Start & finish another Ty Wilson print Nope
3. Start Peacock Majesty or Stretch (just one TW, thanks!) Started and finished Stretch
4. Start Ganesha He's very very slow.

Other things I did that were unplanned:
1. Started Dimension's Beautiful Bird
2. Started My Big Toe's Think on These Things

Goals for October:
1. Finish Beautiful Bird
2. Finish Think on These Things
3. Start and stitch everything except the beading on Nora Corbett's Bluebell
4. Stitch at least 20 hours on Ganesha
5. Stitch Sweetheart Tree's Shamrock Biscornu

Also, I just figured out how to do strikethroughs and change colours! (Ok, so I'm a little slow...html is weird...)

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