Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My beads finally arrived and I finished off Christmas Angel.

Here she is as she heads off to storage...

Start date November 16, 2009
Finish date January 12, 2010
Fabric 32ct Pewter Lugana
Total hours 73.25

Because I was obsessive and wrote down tons of numbers, I'll share them. The crosses took 54.5 hours, the backstitch 13.75 and the beads 5, for a total time of 73.25 hours.

The snowflakes are actually in the exact position as charted. Even the ones out in spaces. Hey, what can I say, I was in a very strange mood!

And copying from the last post about her, all the changes I made:
Some of the snowflakes are supposed to have grey centres but I didn't like it, so they're all transparent.
No halo because I think it looks better without.
No french knots because a)I hate them. b)She's fine without.
No backstitch on the sleeves.
I also used 002 instead of 102 for the inside of the wings.
Replaced the transparent beads in her earring with white ones.

Slightly off topic: these snowflakes (like every single stitched one I've seen) are 8-sided. Traditionally snowflakes are 6-sided. I assume there's something about the 6-sides that makes it much much harder to chart than an 8-sided. (Even I can do an 8-sided!)

Here's my question: has anyone come across a 6-sided cross stitch snowflake?


nima said...

wow...gorgeous finish

Siobhan said...

She's gorgeous! Wow, I'm impressed, keeping track of the hours spent stitching and beading. You should put that on the back of the frame for posterity.

Michelle said...

What a great finish - she is beautiful!

Annie said...

Storage? Oh no... she's too beautiful to put away. I can't believe you've kept track of the time so closely. I never really know how long anything took.

Interesting about the 8 sided x-stitch flakes. I'd never paid much attention. Here's a few 6-sided ones:



Carol said...

She is simply breathtaking! Congratulations :)

Mel said...

She is really beautiful!

karen said...

Hello Blu ,

Is soo beautifulll..... !!! congratulations !! would you please send me an email ? I want to ask you something mail is

thanks !

Rachel said...

She is just beautiful, great job!

Kathy said...

Absolutely stunning. Your finish is gorgeous.

Now please tell us why in Heavens name is this beautiful work of art going into storage?
It should be framed and hung for all to see.

Pumpkin said...

She's stunning Blu! Congrats and I'm doing a HD for you :o)

You know, I've never really noticed before. Now I'm going to be looking every time I see a snowflake. LOL!

Shelleen said...

in real life no 2 snowflakes are a like and who cares how many sides they have :-)

Deb said...

Blu - she is absolutely stunning! But why are you putting her into storage? And I'm impressed that you kept your stats on how much time, beads and x's you made. I think that it will be fun to look back at that and know how much time something took you. I tried that once, but never kept it up until the end of the piece.

Yoyo said...

What a beauty! I can't believe you got that finished so fast, even that you got the beads in that quickly! Wow!

You got me on the snowflakes but now I'll be looking at everyone a bit more closely.

Lindsay said...

She's beautiful Blu, Congratulations

Terri said...

Very pretty Blu

Laural said...

Congrats Blu! She is beautiful!!

Lenka said...

What a wonderful angel!!!