Monday, August 17, 2009

More Coffee

So this little piece has been moving at quite a fast clip. This is at 20 hours.

I was going to switch it out for something else in my rotation, but since I think about about 2/3 done, I'm just going to finish it off.

I did spend a few hours surfing the rest of the Soda catalog, and I have a sad feeling that I'm going to stitch a whole lot more of these. This is bad because I've been cheerfully putting off a piece of obligation stitching.

My aunt wants Wentzler's Peacock Majesty. Now I love TW as much as anyone, and PM is a small piece... but all that blended colours! Hopefully since my aunt doesn't have a date she wants it by, I can send it to her late and she'll just think I'm a slow stitcher :)

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