Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Start

Trick or Treat coming along nicely, but I got a little bit tired of the relentless purple-brown. And then I realized that the words "Trick or Treat" are a mixture of capitals and simples. The grammarian in me shuddered. I have put her away until I can deal with this travesty of the English language. (ok, that was a bit overblown, but it's bugging me and I need a break from her).

I started Ty Wilson's "The Promenade" in cross stitch. Over one on 28 count opalescent white it'll be about 5"x6". Colourwise it's just black and red. So a set of very nice and contrasting colours.

I decided to do it as my travel piece and an hour into it, I lost my needle and was without a spare. So that's on hold too.

I am going to take several deep breaths and thank my lucky stars I don't have any frogs right now.

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