Thursday, August 13, 2009

Country House Finish

I grumbled my way through many French Knots, and then spent about 5 hours using very foul language as I put it together. But it's finally done. This makes two buildings in my village of 7. At the current rate of one-a-year I'll be done by 2013!

Started June 13
Finished August 12
Total time 34 hours to stitch. ~5 to assemble

The ground and roof are in 28 count green and grey scraps respectively. The walls are 18 count antique white.

Edited with more details for Zeb.

The design is by the Nutmeg Company
They released a book called "3D cross stitch" which I found in the public library. (I think the book is OOP). It has a load of ideas from vases to money boxes. The bit I'm doing consists of 7 buildings that form a very adorable "Olde English Village."

The assembly involves
- cutting plastic canvas the size of the walls, roofs and ground.
- then lacing the individual parts to the plastic canvas
- ladder stitch the walls to make a square
- attach the walls to the roof via lots of trickiness
- repeat for the walls-and-roof to the ground
- stick piece of felt on the bottom to cover the hideous mess of stitches.

The book has very good and very detailed instructions. ISBN numbers for the book are 978-1402707964 and 978-0600596950.

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Zeb said...

That is just STUNNING :O
What is the design, detail on the structural "put together" more more more!!! WOW!