Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out for Coffee HD!

And it's done in a record 6 days! after a total of 39.5 hours.

So let's see:
Started August 13
Finished August 19
A total of 39.5 hours
The fabric is 28 count antique white something
The threads are all 25 DMCs that are called for. The only thing I changed was B5200 instead of Blanc (yeah, like that made a really big difference!)
The company is Soda, a Korean company that does more really cute teen-looking couples and adorable little kid couples.
Pattern number is SO-367

This is the piece at 31 hours, after all the cross stitch. Looks very fuzzy and odd, eh? The random pink, blue and yellow blobs floating in the air were the worst. Mostly because I was having a really bad time with the counting.

So after finishing off the cross stitch I figured a couple of hours of backstitch and I'd be done, right? Wrong, oh so horribly horribly wrong.
Approximately 8.5, that's EIGHT AND A HALF hours of backstitch later I was done.

This is one piece where the backstitch does all the work. Brings out every little bit. On the negative side, trying to figure out the backstitch around the trousers was a pain. The chart was a colour one, which meant that it was black lines on very dark blue squares. A lot of swearing and frustration and I ended up with lines that look vaguely in the right place.

As I've been babbling to myself, the whole thing is just so adorably sweet, in what I've heard called a tooth-decaying manner. One of the most adorable bits is the cat/dog/animal thing that's by the boy's foot. A really big close up, because it's so fat and pudgy, but mostly because I want one...

Now I'm off to start something else. Possibly Corbett's Trick or Treat Fairy.
And this stitching frenzy is only because school starts in two weeks and I'm pretty confident I'll be too busy for much stitching.


Kttycat said...

Wow it looks so good. I've just gotten a bunch of the soda patterns to do also. They are so cute! Which are you thinking of working on next?

Blu said...

I'm thinking of SO 396 "The Merry-Go-Round",SO 391 "Winter", SO 389 "The Sleepers", SO 383 "The Couple" and a bunch more.

Which one are you planning on doing?

Kttycat said...

They are just all so cute! It's so hard to pick one!!! I was thinking either 386 or 377 or 387 or 391 also.

Janaina said...

OMG, I sooo love Soda designs!!!!! =)
I made this for my niece:

And a very dear friend of mine turned it into this pillow:

Your piece is stunning! So right... Backstitch is everything on Soda patterns.
Both thumbs up for you! Great piece!
Hugs from sunny Brazil!