Thursday, August 20, 2009

New start: Trick or Treat

Technically named the Trick or Treat Fairy by Nora Corbett. The name has started to bug me after someone pointed out that the lack of wings means that she isn't a fairy. The black dress, pumpkins and the owl as a familiar have me convinced that she's a witch. But Trick or Treat Witch sounds a bit odd...or maybe not...

Anyway, started yesterday, on Peach Whisper which is a splotchy pale pink and white. The crosses are going fast but the beads will be what slows me down.

At 10 hours.

1 comment:

Zeb said...

Yeah the name of this design annoyed me but then it's just too pretty to NOT stitch. :)

Gah everyone has already started on their Halloween stitching! I need to get in gear with mine XD