Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Making Extravagant Plans

Remember when I said I was going on a mad shopping spree this month? It didn't turn out quite as grand as I imagined. First I decided to go through my charts to see what projects I really, really, really wanted to stitch in the next few years. Then I did a lot of math (there were spreadsheets involved!) and looked at all my leftover fabric to see whether I had any that would work for the projects. And then I went through all the Kreiniks and Mill Hills required for all of them to see which ones I already had.

I narrowed it down to 13 projects and was able to assign fabrics for 9 of them.

So this was everything I picked up: That's fabric for 3 projects and most of the Kreinik and Mill Hill for the rest of them. Archangel was an impulse pick-up I won't get to for a while.
What do I need to pick up: a bunch more Kreinik, Mill Hill, another glow-in-the-dark DMC, 2 charts, fabric for 3 designs and whatever else I feel like randomly grabbing.

For the curious, the tentative projects are:
AAN - Recipe for a Magical Night
Papillon Creation - Alphabettisimo
Lizzie*Kate - Boo Club (yes, several years after everyone and their cat have finished their version)
Victoria Sampler - Canadian Hearts
Jim Shore - 12 Days of Christmas
Joan Elliot - Summer Fairy, Autumn Fairy, Fire Goddess, Swirling Peacock
Teresa Wentzler - Peacock Tapestry, The Castle
Mirabilia - Mediterranean Mermaid
Ink Circle - Cirque des Coeurs
Samsarah Designs - Steam Punk Sea Serpent
Patricia Ann - Romance

And I already have Ink Circle's Cirque des Carreaux and Teresa Wentzler's Tradewinds fully kitted up. And I have Mirabilia's Cinderella, MAIA Misaki, HAED Autumn Winds and PINN Ganesha as WIPs.

Wish me luck?


Heather said...

Good luck! I'm working on swirling peacock at the moment. I've started the feathers and have done a few of the swirls. I think I'll need more kreinik though.

Vicky said...

ha ha I still have Lizzie Kate Boo club in my pile of stash to do ....

Marlene jones said...

That's very organised, I love to see my drawers of threads full, so when placing an order I will always add a few. I am ensuring my stash has all my future requirements, I jusy haven't decided yet what they are.

Annie said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your organization skills! How wonderful to have it all planned out with all the materials ready to go:) Looking forward to seeing your future projects:)

D1-D2 said...

That is a VERY impressive list. I like having things kitted up and ready to go as well.

gominam said...

Wow, lots to stitch, but you always manage to impress us readers. Looking forward to these projects:)

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

I love a plan and several spreadsheets when it comes to stitching projects! Looks like you'll be busy for a while!

Alyssa F said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't done LK's Boo Club either. I still need to pick up those patterns! That's what I get for coming late to the party, LOL