Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Achievements and May Goals

Goals for April:
1. Finish a Mill Hill ornie. Yep. Mandolin was finished at the start of the month.
2. Finish-finish a small from the Drawer Where Things Go To Wait (Forever). No. I completely forgot and didn't even look at my finishes.
3. Put 20 hours into Autumn Winds. Only 10 hours this month.

Unexpectedly This Month:
1. Taught myself to knit.
2. Finished a ruffle scarf.
3. Started a cable scarf.
4. Finished Celtic Autumn.

Goals for May:
1. Finish a Mill Hill ornie.
2. Start something big.
3. 20 hours of Autumn Winds.
4. 20 hours of Cinderella.

1 comment:

Rachel Tomkins said...

Not bad for your goals considering you had some unexpected interruptions to your stitching. Looking forward to seeing what your "start something big" turns out to be! :)