Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stitch From Stash - May

Month: May
Spent: 0

Carryover: 75.85

Those who remember my May 6 shopping spree may be wondering why I'm claiming 0 expenses... That's because it turns out that SFS has an exception for birthday gifts or gifted cash for stitchy stuff. I received cash for my birthday and was told to "treat yourself to something fun". So I spent a chunk of it on stash, put some in savings, and bought a lovely sweater (yes, in spring. I guess I'm ready for next winter?)

So how much did I actually end up spending? $305.82 on enough fabric, Kreinik and beads for 13 projects and 4 new charts. I have no excuses for not sticking to the budget for the rest of the year!


Marlene jones said...

Go for it, I love my stash.

Fay and Charlette said...

Happy belated birthday and you will probably spend some of your own money on stash...who can resist? LOL

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And oh my gosh on your stash spend! I'd love to be able to blow that amount in one go. I'd just put it all on the bed and roll around with it!

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