Friday, December 31, 2010

Statistics And Other (Boring) Facts

Or A Very Very Long Post Where I Wrap Things Up For The Year.

Starting with a look at Goals for December:
1. Stitch on the UFO RR and mail it out Cut it very close since I mailed out on the deadline (and it arrived last)
2. Finish Cirque des Cercles YES!!!!
3. Stitch on the next UFO RR (if CP gets it here before the end of the month) Done

Unexpectedly in December, I:
1. Started and finished Christmas Tree 2009
2. Started Celtic Spring
3. Started Mushrooms

A quick look at everything I stitched this year:
And a look at numbers:
Total finishes: 33 (the 27 pictured, an extra Heart Biscornu since one was eaten by the post, two mini fobs that didn't live past the day, a 2nd Small Token, a hardanger needlebook, and my 2nd exchange)
Pieces started and finished in 2010: 28
WIPs at the start of the year: 8
WIPs at the end of the year: 15 (that doesn't bode well for next year!!!)
WIPs carried over from 2009 and not finished: 3 (I also didn't put a single stitch into two of these

Fastest finish: one of the lost fobs in 1 hour. Of those pictured both the Christmas fob & the Seahorse fob took 2 hours each
Most time consuming piece: Minx
Pieces that took 10 hours or less: 18
Pieces that took between 10 & 50 hours: 10
Pieces that took between 50 & 100 hours: 3
Pieces that took over 100 hours: 1
Total hours (approximately): 825


Rebekah said...

Wow! You have stitched a lot in a year's time!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finishes! Good luck with your 2011 stitching plans and Happy New Year!

Denise said...

Holy Smokes! Not only did you stitch like mad but you kept track of the hours too?!?! Some of those pieces would have taken me years!

Wow! Can't wait to see what you do for 2011!

Unknown said...

happy new year|||

Carol said...

Happy New Year, Blu--you really stitched some beautiful pieces and such a nice variety :)

Hope 2011 brings you much love and laughter!

Lesleyanne said...

A lot of gorgeous finishes. Good luck with your stitching in 2011. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Daffycat said...

2010 looks like it was a productive year for you!

Best wishes in the New Year, Blu!

demeter83 said...

Wow, I was looking at this list in absolute amazement, and feeling quite small about what I'd achieved this year when my other half looked over my shoulder
Him: Is that everything she's stitched this year?
Me: Yes, there's loads
Him: Well, (long pause) some of them are small.
I think it was meant to make me feel better so I've taken it as such.
Congratulations on such an amazing stitching year anyway!

Bev said...

you stitched loads last year, i love bluebeard's princess but hubby wont let me buy anything i keep looking though one day she will be mine :)