Friday, December 17, 2010

Jolly Good

Finals are over, it's winter break and maybe I'll get some stitching done? But first:

Flashback to, oh maybe, about a week ago? So I open my mailbox and there's a pretty light blue box. With a Royal crest. My first thought was the Queen was sending me mail!!! Then I realized that instead of being called British Mail it's actually called Royal Mail. A slight disappointment (I like the idea of royalty) but I recovered very quick when I saw what Lindsay had sent as part of our exchange.

A lovely purple and green biscornu which now holds court as the largest in my collection, fabric with the cutest stitchy print, and an ornament!

Purple is the September Celtic Knot and green is the October Celtic Knot. Both from Ink Circles. I've been planning to stitch some of Tracy's squares up as a biscornus, so this was just serendipity.

The snowflake (a green one?) was apparently sent because the mail went out late. Ummm. Am I a bad/greedy person if I say I'm glad for Lindsay's over developed sense of guilt? Now I've spent a great deal of time drooling over her beaded works so it gives me great pleasure to hang this pretty up beside the other ornie I won from her last year.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gift received.

gracie said...

Wonderful "royal" gifts!

Kttycat said...

Nice gifts. I'm jealous of that fabric!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely exchange!

Myra said...

Gorgeous exchange! I love the fabric.