Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Halloween Goodness II

Mail from Missy actually arrived the same day as Annette's. But first my camera died and then I just got lazy.
The whole lot. Taken on the first day which is why the candy is still there.
I love that cat! And after I finished drooling I wondered what happened in 1862.
The inside with skull pins! And tons of more fun stuff. I have to admit I love the safety pin as a closure.
Vlad's coffin. Tutorial here: I, II, III
More pins and a pair of scissors (which I still haven't tried out to be honest!)
Ok, so my first reaction on seeing the spider was "That's just wrong! Spiders are arachnids and they have 8 legs. I should write a letter of protest!" But since it's such a cute spider I got over it pretty quick.
The skeleton needleminder! a) This is so cool!!! b)Now I don't have to make one myself c)Instructions here
And a bunch of dishcloths. So I've managed to figure out (after several days) that the orange is a pumpkin and the beige is a ghost, and I think the green is skull. But I'm lost on the others and I think the picture is too dark to make out what they are.

This makes the 2nd year that I've won the annual BIG Halloween giveaway:) I love Halloween!


Deborah said...

Wonderful stitchy stuff. Love the needlemonder.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitchy stuff received.

Carol said...

Wow--that is quite a haul, Blu! Congratulations on winning for the 2nd year, too--you're on a roll :)

Missy Ann said...


The cloths (best I can recall, Mom knit them not me).

Dark brown is tombstone.
Navy is bat.
Black is witch on broom.
Green is Frankenstein.
Orange is pumpkin.
Tan is ghost.

Better pictures (of the designer's models) are here:

Daffycat said...

Awesome prize from Missy Ann! Those spooky dishcloths are outrageous!

Oooo, you got a pair of scissors too! I got those last year and they are my traveling scissors now as they fit perfectly in my little travel tin!

Chrizette @ All the days of said...

I love that little coffin for the scissors - just too cute! Congratulations on your win!
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