Friday, January 2, 2015

Beat The Drums

First start and finish of the year!
I'd been mentioning here and there that my New Year's Start was going to be Alphabetissimo by Papillon-Creations. I hadn't bought the fabric or floss because I was waiting for the Stitch From Stash break week. Due to various reasons I didn't get to the store in 2014. And when I saw that I had worked on only one WIP last year I couldn't start something huge. I felt too guilty.

So I started and finished one of the Mill Hill kits I was planning on stitching. I actually have only the charts which were generously donated by someone whose name I've forgotten because I'm forgetful like that. That lovely angel sent me all six charts in this series because she was done with it. (If that was you please speak up so that I can feel less ashamed!)

ETA: While randomly clicking though my blog I've discovered that these were gifted to me by Berit (who sadly is not blogging anymore) five years ago! And that I had planned to finish them as a cube. I can't believe I've had these charts for five years!

The kits use DMC so the floss wasn't an issue. As for the beads, I only had the gold, so I substituted a random green, blue and red. I'm going to wait until I can't fit any more on the paper before I start cutting. And yes, I stitched it way too close to the edge. My miserly tendencies caused me to briefly lose my mind :)

DesignerMill Hill
Start dateJanuary 1, 2015
Finish dateJanuary 2, 2015
Total time6.5 hours
Fabric14 ct white perforated paper
FlossAs charted
Beads2011, 2055, 3002, 3043


Heather said...

This is cute!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Congratulations on your first finish of 2015! It's really sweet. :)

Justine said...

Very sweet! Congratulations on your first finish of 2015!

gracie said...

Very nice....

Marlene jones said...

We know the rules, count twice and then stitch, I'm often caught out. Love the colours on this one.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Really ptetty. Never feel guilty. Its, a hobby, no pressure.

Shebafudge said...

Great first finish of the year.

Personally I don't think you stitched it too close to the edge, you have to cut it down any way so there is no point in wasting paper.

I can't wait to see more of these!

Deb said...

Looks great!! Well done!