Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year End Wrap Up

Now in it's second year! 2010, 2011, 2012 (on hiatus), 2013

This year's finishes:

And a look at numbers:
Total finishes: 18
New starts: 20
Pieces started and finished in 2014: 17
WIPs at the start of the year: 9
WIPs at the end of the year: 11
WIPs that didn't see a single stitch last year: 8
Oldest WIPs: From 2009
WIPs to discard: 4

Fastest finish: 3.5 hours (Pearls & Rosebuds Biscornu)
Most time consuming piece: 231.75 hours (Egyptian Sampler)
Pieces that took 10 hours or less: 7
Pieces that took between 10 & 50 hours: 8
Pieces that took over 100 hours: 3
Total hours stitched in 2014(approximately): 646

Previous years
2010: 825
2011: 635.5
2012: 687
2013: 731.5
2014: 646

Looking at the numbers I'm shocked to realize that almost everything I stitched this year was a new start. The only pre-existing WIP I worked on was Deco Spirits. I kept thinking that surely Egyptian Sampler, at least, must be an oldie, but it was my New Year's Day start. I've also decided that there are some WIPs that I just hate working on and it's time to accept that I will never finish them. As such 4 projects will be exiting the house with today's trash. Farewell Hardanger Angel, Blue Moon (2nd try! It's just not meant to be), Sampler Bookmark and Ocean Biscornu.

Looking forward: I'm going to start making monthly goals again since I think it does help me have a better idea of what I'm working on. I really, really, really want to start finishing up my old WIPs and assembling some of the smaller finishes languising in my Finished Drawer.

General Goals for 2015:
1. Finish Celtic Autumn
2. Finish at least one page of Autumn Winds
3. Start and finish one of the following: Cirque des Cadeaux, Cinderella or Tradewinds
4. Finish-finish at least 6 smalls

Goals for January:
1. Finish a Mill Hill ornie
2. Finish all DMC stitching on Celtic Autumn

I hope everyone has a great stitching/knitting/crocheting/crafting year next year!


Rachel said...

Congratulations on so much stitching and so many finishes in 2015. I found your end-of-year summary statistics very interesting! I have really enjoyed following your blog and will continue to do so, especially if you're going to finish Celtic Autumn. She's on my to-do list... someday!! :)

Shebafudge said...

Congratulations on all the lovely finishes for the year! Well done on admitting you don't love some projects and for getting rid of them.

Have a wonderful 2015. xx

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Great finishes,looking forward to seeing your 2015 projects.Happy New Year:-)

Annie said...

What a great stitchy year! Hope 2015 brings a year of wonderful creativity!

Carol said...

Really nice year you've had--I love that colorful piece on black!! Happy 2015 to you!

Rahenna said...

Great job with your stitching! And I know what you mean about needing to just toss some WIPs at times... it's painful but freeing. I've only done it once or twice but the relief did make up for the pain of losing those hours of work.

D1-D2 said...

Great finishes. I especially love the Egyptian Sampler.

Jan said...

Like Dima says... Great finishes. I especially love the Egyptian Sampler. If I get to vote for 2015 general goals - I'd wave my arms for TW's Tradewinds. I'm such a fangirl. (grin)

Deb said...

Don't feel bad! They are all beautiful! LOVE biscornu!!!