Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Only Once Every Two Years

The Olympics are on and I've been watching and therefore I haven't stitched a thing. I know lots of people watch and stitch but I can't because I get too caught up in watching and then just sit there with my stitching.

So with all my free time going to the Olympics this week's "stitching" update is more of a Stitch From Stash "look I didn't spend that much money" update.

Mel's given a very generous Nashville exception this month, but since most (if not all) of them aren't to my taste I won't be taking advantage. Instead I bought a few DMC that I ran out of and picked up a ball of sashay yarn since I have a yen to make a ruffly scarf. Whether I'll actually make it is a whole 'nother thing, but at less than the price of a Starbucks frappachino I can live with the expense.

Items: 6 DMC skeins, 1 ball of yarn
Total cost: $7.26
I wanted a black and white yarn, but the only black and white also had tan, so I ended up with black. (My hat and gloves are black and my coat is black and white).

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Vickie said...

I am watching the Olympics too, and cannot stitch during them either! ;)

Lonneke said...

I watch and knit. Already finished a shawl while cheering on our ice-skaters. :)
Looks like you are doing great, SFS-wise.