Thursday, January 16, 2014

January WIPocalypse

I'm not exactly slaying a WIP for

I was convinced that I was ready to go back to a 10 hour per WIP rotation. Nope. I'm still on what-I-feel-like rotation, which means I have less to post because it's just the same WIP over and over again.

Egyptian Sampler
28 ct Antique White Monaco

Please ignore the apparently slant. I took this picture at a strange angle. I am actually a bit further and should have more done (maybe even some backstitch!) after IHSW.


Julie M said...

Consider the slant ignored! Beautiful stitching! I have a terrible time sticking to a rotation! I guess at heart I am still a one project at a time stitcher!

Rhona said...

Looking fabulous...I can see why you want to stick with this and not do any of the others in your rotations.

bells said...

Very lovely! And if it makes you feel any better, I'm pertpetually on a "what-i-feel-like rotation" ;)

Happy Stitching!

Jan Jones said...

You are seriously starting to get my start-ides gene activated again. [LOL] Every time I see your beautiful progress I want to head to my file cabinet, grab ES, and fondle the kit and fabric. When I first started out trying a WIP rotation I too did the hourly count on grid paper method. That lasted for a couple of years then I went to the stitch a section or page method. Do what ever works for you. Remember it's not the amount that you post it's that you did post.

Rachel said...

This is such a beautiful sampler -I'll enjoy watching your progress. I have this in my stash somewhere, but I know I'll never tackle it - it scares me!

Patty said...

Wow, you have a stunning list of finishes! Good luck with this TW piece…it looks beautiful already!