Friday, February 10, 2012


I've occasionally had people comment on how I track my hours and when Lucie posted a picture of her stitching journal, I was inspired to share my (lack of) method.

My method is pretty simple. When I start something I note the title, date, and fabric. Any floss changes go there. Then it's just a matter of putting down a stroke for every hour with each fence equalling five hours. When finished I add up the fences, write the finish date and highlight the title to indicate that it's done.

Hmm, the fabric information is missing on this page because these are all WIPs from previous years (picked a bad page there). Since I try to track how much stitching an year, the count gets restarted every January. I rewrite all the information and the previous stitching gets noted in Arabic numerals. Occasionally I forget to leave space for any changes and end up squeezing them in all over the place.
This one is the original page for TGE, I couldn't be bothered to copy the details of every part again, so I'm just continuing it. So there's the part, the stitch, the colour used, and the time taken.

I use my Ipod as my timer, since I actually can't stitch anymore without music/audio in my ears.

And that's pretty much the method of my madness XD

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Beth Pearce said...

I used to do that, and then I got so down about how many fence rows it took me to get anything done - LOL. I am sorry I quit and have been trying to figure out how to go forward - decisions,decisions.