Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spelt In So Many Ways

Whether you want to call it a griffin, a griffon, or a gryphon, this half eagle, half lion is still very cute.

Apologies to folks getting a little tired of this series, but I plan on continuing as long as the interest holds. Meaning, similar posts for the foreseeable future.

TitleChristmyth Griffon
DesignerDragon Dreams
Start date December 9, 2011
Finish dateDecember 10, 2011
Total time4.25 hours
Fabric14 ct white perforated paper
FlossAs charted


CindyMae said...

Love it!!

Mouse said...

he is cute isn't he and you go for it girl :)love mouse xxxx

Lesley said...

I love gryphons. My eldest played a gryphon in a school play when he was 11. I had to make his wings :)I love the sparklies in this one and the candy cane he is holding.

Marexstitch said...

very cute

Rebekah said...

Very cute! I had planned to stitch the whole series myself but I've only done the dragon, mermaid, salamander, and fairy.

Giovanna said...

Such a cool series of ornaments!

Joysze said...

Yes, agreed. Totally cute. :D

Mangogirl said...

awwww so cute :)

Siobhan said...

Nice finish! Congratulations!