Friday, December 16, 2011

Gratitude & Acknowledgement

Lisa (who's currently in Cambodia and posts pictures of that exotic locale) sent me this cute little keychain!

So ages ago I won Barbara's giveaway of this year's JCS Ornament issue. And when it never appeared I figured that CP had eaten it (it happens more often than is acceptable). So I was delightly surprised to spot this in the mail. Now in addition to the Christmyth series I've got a whole bunch of designs in this that I want to stitch!

Which brings me to an important question I've also been meaning to ask the readership. How do you deal with the following situation: you won something; it was mailed out; it never arrived; you aren't asking for a resend (really what kind of greedy-guts are you?); you don't want that person to think you got it and are being rude by not saying thanks. So how do you say: Hey, I know you said you mailed [item] out, and that was awesome of you, but it didn't arrive and I want you to know that I'm not being rude, but I wanted to make sure that you don't think I'm a non-acknowledging person, but in no way am I making some sort of "send me something, since that got lost" demand. So yeah, what's the proper etiquette in this scenario?


Annie said...

I had that happen one time, but it was in the context of an exchange in a group. Those who hadn't yet received anything were asked to post. The person who was supposed to send to me said she had mailed it and she would mail something again, and I just told her it wasn't necessary.. these things happen.

So I think you could drop a line to say essentially what you just wrote... you didn't want the person to think you were being impolite and don't worry about it.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I have had that happen and me on the end of not sending on time. I try to relay why to the receiver and this year was a doozy, I'm still catching up and feel bad about it but 1 to go out tomorrow actually. Hopefully you can ask them or let them know as they may have sent and it got lost in the mail, hope not though.
I know it's not a good thing though when you are expecting something in the mail. I do hope you can communicate with them and everything resolves itself.


Jules said...

I think we can all say "It's happened to me, too" at one point in time. For me, especially when I mail something out, I make sure it has a tracking number so that I can know where it is at. Yeah, it may cost a little extra, but so worth it in the end! I mailed one package, a couple years ago, internationally and it arrived several WEEKS after the fact. My mom mailed my Christmas gifts to me a couple season's ago and it arrived about a month or so after Christmas. Whether I know the recipient or sender or not, I like to thank them for whatever they sent. I never ask for them to resend anything as it really is not necessary. It's more the thought that counts in my opinion. But, after a certain amount of time of being informed of the package being sent, I do let the sender know if it has not been received, just to keep them posted too.

Mouse said...

I always ask to be informed of when they sent it ... so that I can work out when it hopefully will arrive .. keep my fingers n toes crossed etc etc and give it a week or so after .. to see if it does turn up late ... I then email and say I'm really sorry but xyz hasn't, up to press, turned up and just wanted to let you know the situation ... still being hopeful it may turn up and will let you know if it does ... love xxxx
hope that helps a wee bit ? love mouse xxx