Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Achievements & December Goals

Goals for November:
1. Stitch at least two Christmas ornaments Stitched yes. Finished no..
2. Work on Sleepy Hollow Yes, but this one's kinda funny (funny-weird, not funny-haha). I stitched a little here and there, so I didn't post a picture since it didn't seem like there was any progress. Boy was I surprised when I checked the last SH post! Picture tomorrow.

Unplanned things:
1. Started that HAL Angel

Goals for December:
1. Finish something.
2. Make big plans for next year.


Anne said...

I love your goals for December: Finish something. Same here!

Rhona said...

I think my December goal will be the same...finish something! love it!!!

Tatkis said...

I love your December plans, especially the second :))
Good luck!