Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Mishmash of Items

Starting off with mail from Kati.

You know how they say that some people can flog a dead horse? My guidance counsellor once told me that I could flog a dead horse and then keep flogging it until it became a skeleton and still keep going. Why bring up this point? Because CP still sucks. This took a week to travel across 3 provinces. And my mail from the US is over a month late. Hilariously the government letter arrived and a duplicate arrived the next day. *Heads back towards that accursed horse*

So after admiring the charts I headed to my stash to see if I had any suitable fabric for Fine China. I was two seconds from pulling open my fabric drawer when I noticed three of my WIPs stare at me accusingly (one very close to a finish). I couldn't handle the guilt. I've managed not to start anything by avoiding my stitching area. This has the unfortunate side effect of preventing me from adding the ~100 beads necessary to finish off Celtic Spring...

Onto the second item on the agenda: this month's TUSAL.

The gold is from Celtic Spring, who as I've mentioned is waiting for beads. And there aren't that many beads either.

Item three is that my letter from my penpal arrived. I'm crafting my response back. (Ok, I've pulled out a piece of paper.)

Final item: I've decided to make some ornaments for Christmas. I'm not sure why since I don't celebrate Christmas and I've never had a tree and I don't plan on having one and I have no idea where to hang them. But I'm going to make them. I've already got Cool Christmas, and I'm thinking that I'll make things easy by picking some quick finishes. This way if this Christmas mania leaves me there's still a chance I'll have finished the designs.

So far I've scrounged up Daffycat's Reindeer Trio, some of Teresa Wentzler's freebies, Log Cabin Needlework's Noel, gazette94's Noel and Dragon Dream's Christmyth series.

Does anyone have any other small could-be-finished-quickly designs? And despite having several "Noel" I'd prefer secular ones. And this sudden desire to have several small finishes has nothing to do with the fact that it's almost November and I have half the number of finishes I had last year!


pandy said...

Canada Post is THE WORST. I don't know how they can be that slow and bad. Maybe they really do use dogsleds.. in the summer... with puppies.

Fine China looks really pretty. :)

katica said...

here are a couple that I have:

Whisperered by the Wind - Snow

lots of mitten freebies:

and a new year's one...

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the three charts you won from me! :O)

Mouse said...

ooooo new stash and poor Celtic spring .. my autumn has just been packed away for safe keeping as we are having a huge Halloween party this weekend ... so I can't hear the screams of get me finished from it ahaahah mouse xxxx

Annette said...

beautifull new stash!!

Carol said...

I'll be excited to see your ornaments, Blu! It's always a good feeling of instant gratification to have an ornament finish up so quickly :)

geeky Heather said...

I hang a bunch of my handmade ornaments from a garland that hangs across my long kitchen island. The better for people to admire them rather than hunting for them in my tree. =)

Caron Collection has some (most are needlepoint, but they're also abstract, so work well for secular): If you click on the "Designer Spotlights", some of those have "BONUS FREE CLASS" printed beneath them, so that means there is a free chart. I have stitched this was fun:

Mindi said...

Its amazing how much guild a pile of fabric and floss can cause, just sitting there, and not saying or doing anything.

Joysze said...

Blu, you crack me up. :)

I'm so sorry about the post and all its problems. I'm glad the charts AND letter got to you. :D

Oooh, lots of upcoming finishes to look forward to, I can't wait.

Check out this site: they have lots of cute little things.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

There's lots of snowy ones here, swirly snow etc! Very pretty on blue fabric.