Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snooze On

Continuing my work on UFORRs, this is Tali's Sleeping Beauty by Mirabilia.

As it arrived:

As it goes out

She's rather massive and has far more white than you'd suspect from the model. As a rule I tend to pick a colour/area and follow it through. I know some folks like to go page by page. So for her I decided to stop where the working copy cut off (about halfway through the blanket). It didn't work. Apparently I'm incapable of stopping at a page's end, I just have to follow a line of colour and finish it off.

As pretty as she is, this Mira is one that's never called to me. Her sleeping position looks awkward, and I think she looks a bit pregnant (shades of the Perreault version there!). Also my first Disney movie was Sleeping Beauty, so I expect her to be a singing blonde named Aurora.

On the other hand I've never seen Disney's Cinderella, so I'm fine with Mira's version. She's actually on the list...


Rachel said...

Wow, Blu! You made some great progress!!! I have never really been drawn to this one either, but I am looking forward to working on it to see how it goes....

Bec said...

You certainly got a lot of stitching done.

The colours are beautiful.
Mira's aren't really my thing but I can still appreciate the beauty and elegance of them.

Happy Stitching :)

Anonymous said...

you made a lot of progress on her =) Looks very pretty =)
I couldn't really imagine working a Mira myself, but I love to watch them because they are so beautiful =)
I must agree, their Cinderella design is great =)

Joysze said...

Great progress on her, Blu. HAHA, that's like me too. I can't stop at page's end. It kills me if I don't follow through and finish up a color.

Siobhan said...

It's beautiful! I always thought I'd stitch this for one of my daughters' rooms. I think it'll end up being for a granddaughter instead--but hopefully they won't come around too soon!! In any case, your stitching is wonderful!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. I think I would finish the colour rather than a page's end.