Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Achievements & August Goals

Goals for July:
1. Stitch Bent Creek's Shamrock Row No.
2. Finish another part of the Hardanger Bag No.
3. Finish at least two colours from Runekeeper's Saga Done.
4. Finish Minx's skin No, but I did get a good chunk done.
5. Work on Cirque des Cercles, if I can squeeze it in A couple of hours

Other things I did that were unplanned:
1. Started and finished 3 Heart Biscornus
2. Started and finished Fall Dreams Biscornu
3. Started and finished All You Need is Love
4. Started Palm

Goals for August:
1. Stitch two scissor fobs
2. Finish Minx

I did quite a few things not on my lists. And I still haven't posted pictures because I just can't seem to take even semi-decent snaps.


Marlene said...

You are very brave to list your goals for the month, I always have very good idears but I never carry them through, often changing my mind or just running out of time. My goal for August is to stitch as many of my cushion squares as I can.

Berit said...

Woo-hoo for Minx! I just LOVE that piece--hope you'll be able to show a pic soon! :D

D@isy said...

Congratulations on your progress and finished work, I like your biscornu.


Deborah said...

I would never list my goals. I commend you. And you finished so many things. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jules said...

I admire those who can make a goals list when it comes to their craft. I could not do that as I would never stick to it, LOL!!!

Good job...