Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue March

Eleven days into March, the snow is melting, the streets are filled with water, and I've packed away my boots!

After By the Window, I wanted another finish. So I took a look at my WIPs (all 8) and none of them are near finish. Except maybe Weekend in Paris, but the cream background is too annoying. A few are about halfway done, most have barely been started. So what do I do? Why another new start! (Yes that should give me another finish soon...)

Bluebeard's Princess
32ct Laurel Linen

She's on the recommended fabric, which is a rather stiff linen. I don't care much for the feel of it, but I couldn't find any other colour that I liked and since it just goes on my Q-Snap there shouldn't be too much trouble.

I don't think a mermaid should be caged in, and the border is kinda blah, so no border, and therefore no crown of fishes. And even though the sea horses are cute I'm leaving them out.

WARNING: Whining ahead!

She has 8 packs of Magnifica beads, 3 Treasures and 4 Caron Waterlilies. Gorgeous? Yes. But EXPENSIVE! I actually came home with two beads and two Waterlilies. I have to wait for a while before I can scrounge the money for the rest.
This is an issue because as an unemployed full time student I'm not only living and eating on my parent's dime, I'm also funding my cross stitch via them.
So with 9 WIPs, and 4 patterns fully kitted, I really shouldn't be starting anything. And since I don't stitch many smalls (lousy at finishing them) everything takes at least 40 hours, usually ~50-120, it isn't as if I'm going to run out of things to stitch. So in an effort to get my habit under control I've decided that I won't have any more planning. So I will buy anything else I need for my WIPs, start everything I have kitted and nothing else until I have nothing kitted and am down to 5 WIPs.

Wish me luck and feel free to send reproving tsks if I stitch anything other than my WIPs or start anything that isn't Cirque des Triangles, Cirque des Carreaux, The Runekeeper Saga or Sleepy Hollow.


Kathy A. said...

Lovely new start. Sometimes, I don't think designers think of the pleasure people would have if they could afford all the extras that go with some projects.
AS to new starts, hon, I wouldn't dare throw stones. I am so bad myself. Jus tkeep trying LOL

Anonymous said...

I've been in a new starts mood of late too, I think it's the time of year, so don't feel too bad.

Annie said...

The mermaid is a gorgeous piece so I can see how it was hard to resist. The urge to start something new is certainly not uncommon among stitchers.
Be strong!

Kathy said...

My philosophy is you can stitch whatever you please. And if your wips aren't doing it for you then heck, go ahead and start something that does. Life's too short to worry about how many wips you have. I don't. LOL

Maybe that explains the huge basket in my living room. LOL

Pumpkin said...

I'm not familiar with this pattern. Do you have a picture?

It is a royal pita when a pattern has so many expensive aspects to it. Like I stated before, how many shades of fabric can one have in their stash???? Okay, how many people on a 'reasonable' budget?

Good luck Blu.

Blue_dreamer said...

I agree with you about some of her charts being downright pricy to kit up! At least with BBP, you use the same waterlillies as mermaid of atlantis I believe..

Its what put me off getting Enchanted Mermaid.

I am about to restart BBP soon too.

Lynn said...

I've looked at some of these charts and it's been the cost of the extras that's turned me off. Sometimes I just can't justify it.
As for new starts, well now, that's something that a girl just can't help! It's just part of the makeup of a stitcher.

Kristen said...

I always stop at the bead work. You will have a lot in this design? What needle do you use for it.

Don't worry to much about the WIPs. I jump from one to another so I won't hate the one I'm working on from whatever annoying problem it had. I need to get back to some stitching soon. I need the quilt therapy.

Siobhan said...

Nice progress! Yeah, the beads--eek. Talk about a pretty penny when it all comes down to it, but really--when you offset how much time you put into stitching it, I suppose it all evens out. Best of luck stitching to your guns and not buying more stuff. I know it's easy to say it but very hard to stick with it!