Monday, February 1, 2010

Fob finishing and other adventures

Today's post is a hodge-podge of things.

First: I finished my Jack-O-Lantern Scissors Fob. Started it yesterday but didn't assemble it till this evening. It's a freebie by Casey Buonaugurio. You'll note that while lots of people are stitching Valentine themed stuff, I'm...on Halloween.

Jack O Lantern
28ct antique white Lugana

The blending filament is for scale. The tiny biscornu is my ex-fob and my Halloween Fob is on my flowery scissors.

This was fun and quick to stitch but a nightmare to finish. My first try I couldn't get the corners to lie properly, so I stitched down the corners for my second try. I have no idea how the queens of small finishes manage it! I have absolutely no desire to start another fob! (Also I don't have a scissor for it...3 fobs, 2 scissors)

Second: I decided it was high time I picked up a pair of pinking shears. My needlebooks so far have straight edged felt and since the pinked edges are so much cuter...
Anyway Michaels doesn't have them, so I drove over to Fabricland to be told that the ones they had were ~$50. For that kind of money they need to made of pure silver and sing as they cut! No pinking shears for me. My needlebook's felt will have straight edges.

That's all for stitching. The rest is just...sad, in a pathetic sort of way.

You know when you're driving downtown, through all those one way streets, around rush hour and there's that one idiot switching lanes, cutting you off and generally making you swear and shake your fist? That crazy drunk driver? Today, I was that person. Minus the drinking.

To make a short story long: my mum was going to take the bus downtown but since it was so cold I offered to drive her in. I've never driven in downtown anywhere, and never in a place with lots of one ways. I looked up the route on Google which lied to me. So I decided to accept my mum's directions and drive. All was perfect until I dropped my mum off and realized that the road I'd just driven down was a one-way and I didn't know how to get back. What followed was half an hour of me driving down random streets trying to find a road I recognized, cutting people off as I switched lanes and generally wreaking havoc across downtown Winnipeg. Clearly, I survived. But I am very sorry for all the people who were subjected to my driving.


stitchinfiend said...

I totally agree about the pinking shears. Why are they so expensive. I loved your driving story. I thought Google was infalible.....LOL

nima said...

cute scissor fob..

oops...i didn't know pinking shears are so expensive...

Vonna said...

I think you can find some Fiskars pinking shears on-line from Joann's much cheaper than that, and have them delivered to your door :)
I think you fob is gorgeous! Good going you!

Annie said...

Your fob looks great! Keep checking online for pinking shears sales and coupons. I'm sure you'll find a cheaper version.

I'm the queen of getting lost and riding around forever. Sorry you had to go through it. Must have been a great relief to finally get home!

Silverlotus said...

Wow, that is one expensive pair of pinking shears. Try Wal-Mart. I also did a search online, and there are a couple of Canadian companies that sell Fiskars for about $25+shipping. I hardly ever use mine, but I'm glad I have them.

Bonnie Brown said...

Love the pumpkin sissor fob... so cute!
Thanks for the huggs on my blog :)

Carol said...

That is such a cute fob, Blu! I actually won one that Myra had made for her giveaway back in October. She finished hers with a black beaded edge which might be a bit easier than trying to sew such a tiny piece. Just an idea for your next one :)

Deb said...

Don't trust those directions on Google or Mapquest - they're never right. I can't tell you how many times they've led me on a wild goose chase. It does sound like you really had an adventure with all those one ways. I think it's very confusing to people even when they always have to drive in those areas.

Your fob is very, very cute and I think that your finishing is just perfect.

Sharlotte said...

Love the fob, very cute! I'd try Jo-Ann's online for the shears like Vonna suggested. That's where I got mine, they're great! Oh come on, you had a nip before you left the house you know you did! I am totally kidding you!! I detest one-ways and I could see myself doing the exact same thing!

Stitching Sweetie said...

That fob is adorable & so are the scissors.

Michelle said...

The fob is so cute!

Janaina said...

Thanks for your visit! =)
Geee... Why are the shears so expensive?(part II)
They are expensive here too, but surely not THAT much.
Love your fob and I'm impressed on the size of the micro biscornu one! OMG.
Glad you survived, but I couldnt hold a giggle while reading about the driving! Lol.=D
Sunny hugs!

Berit said... that fob! I want to go stitch Halloween, too! But, I've signed up for

I'm pretty sure your id photo is a moogle. In any case, I really like it...probably because I think it looks like a moogle. Is it one? Or am I just Moogle-crazy?

Siobhan said...

Great fob! I'm the same, I'm pulling out Halloween stuff to stitch when everybody else is doing Valentine's. Great finishing, btw!

Jen said...

How much for the shears? I like the scissor fob. She also does a really nice freebie frog biscornu. I stitched that last year, it would make a great addition to your growing collection.

Pumpkin said...

I LOVE this fob (gee, I wonder why) and have it on my to-do list ;o) Great job!

I got my pinking shears at Wal-Mart. Yes, that's a dirty name here but they were under $20. Do you have one close by?

Been there, done that. I got a nice tour of Halifax, NS one day. I didn't even know they had a riding stable in the heart of the city! LOL!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

If all you want is the 'design' of pinking shears, how about those sold in the scrapbooking section of Michaels or Hobby Lobby? You could probably get several designs for $50 - and use coupons if they're not on sale.

Lynn said...

I'm going to take Vonna's suggestion. I figured I had to take out a loan around here to find a decent pair!
Driving in downtown Ottawa is very much like your drive was. Just a mess of one ways and congested traffic to boot! I've gotten lost on more than one occasion.
Love your fob!

Vinniey said...

Your fob is so cute! I love your scissor, it's pretty! One-way street is inconvenience sometimes.