Sunday, July 20, 2014

July SFS

Just a brief report on my Stitch From Stash activities this month. I spent $3.85 on DMC this month. I also pruned my wishlist down. Usually my wishlist goes down as I buy things, but I went through thinking "will I actually stitch this or do I just want to stitch it". It was rather surprising how many things I could take out. And then I added a few things but we won't talk about that.

Spending so far is $73.48
I have $101.52 banked

More about Stitch From Stash here:


Angela P said...

Great report!

Marlene Jones said...

I love this idea, will have to join next year.
I was recently offered loads of designs, I was really good and took just a few, normally I would have everything i like.

Pull the other thread said...

Great success on SFS.

Teresa S. said...

I don't think adding things to your wishlist breaks any of the rules of the SFS.(But we won't talk about that)

SilverCuteDwarf said...

Interesting Idea!