Monday, July 14, 2014

Crochet On

I've mostly been crocheting away and while it's lots of fun it doesn't make for interesting photos. But it's the WIPocalypse so here's what it looks like now:

This month's question:
It’s halfway to Christmas. Do you start your holiday stitching this early? If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?
I'm a chronic late starter. I always start something too close to the actual day. Take for example this year's Canada Day project: I started it on June 30 the day before! Needless to say it's not finished. On the plus side, I'll have next year's project finished extra early ;) On the negative side, I'll have forgotten by then.

I'll probably start my Christmas project sometime in November. I'm vaguely thinking of Jim Shore's 12 Days of Christmas, but we'll see if some other Christmassy design steals my heart before then.


Pull the other thread said...

Great crochet. I'm the same I always start them way too late, however I have a couple of Christmas minis done for ornies and am working on another so maybe I will manage to get something completed before Christmas.

Sally said...

Lovely crochet. I wish I could do it but as hard as I try I can't get the hang of it!

Shebafudge said...

Love the colour of your crochet.

Scrapbrat1 said...

Very pretty!

Christina said...

Your blanket is beautiful. I have signed up for a left handers course in October - I can't wait! :0)

Marcy said...

Your afghan looks great.