Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Two-For-One

Exactly like last month TUSAL and Smalls meet again.

Most of the orts are from Ohm, but the pink and white are from this month's biscornu stitched for

And assembled:
This is half a pattern I printed out and can't remember where I got it from and half my own additions. I was halfway through the stitching when I realized that it wasn't symmetrical. The hearts mirror each other but the triangles do not. I thought about frogging and restitching but didn't feel like it. And I didn't want to keep going since I knew it was wrong (even if you can't tell at first glance). So I just threw on a bunch of buttons and called it a day. Possibly the laziest biscornu I've ever made. This can be my Biscornu of Shame (everyone has one of these right?)

TitleHearts & Buttons Biscornu
DesignerModified from an unknown pattern by me
Start dateMay 26, 2014
Finish dateMay 28, 2014
Total time6.75 hours
Fabric25 ct black lugana
FlossDinky Dyes Rosella


Thoeria said...

Love the black....must have been something on the eyes!

Wendy said...

that's a fab design, stitching on black is so hard! It seems like I'm the only blogger out there that's not in the TUSAL! I fill quite a large jar every couple of months!

Marexstitch said...

Lol, I had a good laugh from your comments. It looks fine to me.

Kaisievic said...

Well, I think it looks fabulous - no shame there!

Marcy said...

Looks great to me!