Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Wrap Up

I didn't do this last year because of my lost mojo hiatus but I remember doing it in 2011 and it was pretty fun. So stats ahoy!

A quick look at everything I stitched this year:

And a look at numbers:
Total finishes: 15
New starts: 13
Pieces started and finished in 2013: 10
WIPs at the start of the year: 12
WIPs at the end of the year: 9
WIPs that didn't see a single stitch last year: 5
Oldest WIPs: From 2009

Fastest finish: 5 hours
Most time consuming piece: 170.5
Pieces that took 10 hours or less: 7
Pieces that took between 10 & 50 hours: 4
Pieces that took between 50 & 100 hours: 2
Pieces that took over 100 hours: 1
Total hours stitched in 2013(approximately): 731.5

I'm in disbelief over 731.5 hours. I can't believe I stitched so much, specially since I've been convinced I was in a slump for the first half of the year. Previous years for comparison:
2010 - 825
2011 - 635.5
2012 - 687
2013 - 731.5

I have lots of plans for next year: doing WIPocalypse (since some of my old WIPs fill me with shame), StitchingFromStash (because I really need to stop buying more stash), Smalls SAL (because I have so many little pieces of fabric that I need to use up and I just keep starting big things).

Here's hoping that 2014 is an year filled with stitching for us all!


Zeb said...

Nice selection of finishes, congrats :)

Sharon said...

Loved looking over your statistics! I only keep up with what I finish, it lessens my guilt LOL. You had wonderful finishes for the year. Congrats and Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

My goodness the stats are amazing! I've never kept track of the hours something takes me to stitch but now as I am starting new into 2014, I should give that a try. You've done lots of wonderful pieces this year!

Wishing you all the best for 2014!

Anonymous said...

happy new year ^^
I hope 2014 will be full of crafting fun