Sunday, September 29, 2013

Music to My Ears

I ended up taking a short break from Cirque des Triangles to finish Here Comes Treble and First Bass by Ink Circles. There is a third design called Alto Gether Now which I won't be stitching because I'm not familiar with that particular clef.
I'm not a musical person. I think I have a tin ear. I like listening to music, but it's mostly a matter of "I like how that sounds". I had to take music or art as a humanities elective in high school. I was highly encouraged to do music since the art teacher thought I had no aptitude for it. However I wasn't a particularly good music student either. I never did any of the work or practiced. I "played" the violin for two years because I needed to make my high school transcript look "well-rounded". It was mostly a matter of memorizing where my fingers were supposed to be in what order. I could never tell if my violin was in tune or not. I was the despair of my music teacher! I put my violin into storage as soon as I got my university acceptance and haven't touched it since. Despite this I still have a fondness for listening to the violin (even though classical music puts me to sleep). I thought I'd stitch the two clefs I knew as a tribute to that grumpy teenager who'd have much rather been reading a book and the poor teacher who had to suffer!

They are stitched over one on 25 count and I was going to post as soon as I finished, but in a fit of optimism I thought I'd finish-finish them over the weekend. That didn't happen, so I'll throwing in the towel and posting them anyway.

Fans of Cirque des Triangles fear not! I picked it back up and am zipping along.

Here Comes Treble
First Bass
Ink Circles
Start dateSeptember 22,2013September 23,2013
Finish dateSeptember 26,2013September 27,2013
Total time
6.75 hours
7.25 hours
25 ct antique white lugana
DMC as charted


Catherine said...

Sweet tribute to the grumpy teenager ~ I love it!

Silverlotus said...

Those are lovely. You did a great job.

I played violin in grade school. I was never very good, but I did enjoy it. I gave up music in high school though, so I could concentrate on history, math and science instead. Sometimes I regret it, though. :/

Isabella Morais said...

I really like it! After I read your text, I thought about my piano lessons when I was a child...I really hated..eheheeh good times!


Shebafudge said...

They are really pretty. I think I might have to get them for my daughter.

Julie said...

They look good.I know nothing about music and only recognize the first one. :)

SilverCuteDwarf said...

Cute picture :-)))

Carol said...

Very cute finishes! I've never seen those before, but love the color combinations the designer used.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Aww, what a shame you're not planning the do the alto clef. (It's a C clef and is used by my instrument - the viola!). Still, at least I know there is a design now and might just do one myself to put up in my music corner.=)

Patrizia Valle said...

really beautiful...I love the colours
ciao Pat