Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Achievements & July Goals

Goals for June:
1. Stitch, finish and send out Denise's winnings. Stitched but not finished. I blame the postal strike for not forcing the deadline.
2. Stitch on both UFO RRs. Done and mailed out.
3. Finish something. Anything! Ahahahahahaha. No.
4. Leave comments (since I don't think I left a single one in May). Can't remember, so we'll say no.

Goals for July:
1. Finish and send out Denise's winnings.
2. Stitch on both UFO RRs.
3. Work on Namaste.


♥ Nia said...

Good luck to achieve your July goals! :)

Silverlotus said...

I think you made great progress on the two UFOs for June. And I'm sure you are going to do great in July. Good luck!

Joysze said...

50% achieved is a good thing.. and as for number 3, it doesn't count cos your stitching mojo went missing. :)

Good luck in July!!

Denise said...

You might not have gotten your list complete but I think you did well.

Mojo and postal strike can lead to many other things! ;0)

mdgtjulie said...

I almost always leave a comment when I read a post. I love to chat, lol. Good luck achieving your July goals. (I had two finishes in June, and they were my second and third of the year. I was so excited as I don't think I've finished three pieces in the same year in a while. I'm all about the BAPs.)