Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Still waiting on my camera. Yesterday, according to CP it arrived in Winnipeg on the 18 and was re-routed and wandering the city. Today, CP has no idea where it is. *Sigh* Why do I keep hoping for miracles? You figure by now I'll have accepted CP and it's foibles.

Oh yeah, the day after my last whine session package 1 arrived in Venezuela (thank goodness) and the one to the States got there too. Still waiting on Malaysia.

Maybe I'll battle the scanner tomorrow for a picture of what I've been up to. Maybe.

And just for fun: a beaver. The one true Canadian animal. (I've never actually seen one outside a zoo.)

And to wrap up: anyone interested in swapping a biscornu? I figure we can each pick one of the billion freebies out there, stitch and mail. Or! I can send a biscornu (pretty much the only finish I'm truly comfortable with) and you can send me your favourite finish!
Keep in mind that the mail will go through Canada Post, the people who put the "snail" in snail mail. And you've heard me whine about them plenty! My email is in my profile.


Berit said...

IMHO the British Post is also pretty horrid--wonder if that's an official connection making them both terrible. ;)

Aren't Canada Geese, well, Canadian? The only things I know about C. are from hearing Dear Marc's responses to friends teasing him about the place (he was born and raised GTA) and my own conclusions, which are pretty much limited to an abiding love for that awesome Toronto-area toll road--the ETR, is it?

I'd love to exchange, but am taking a break for studying. I hope you'll do it again sometime! :D

Melissa said...

Well, I hope that your camera arrives tomorrow. My DH's new computer was traveling around FedEx for a week also. It finally arrived though. So hopefully it will arrive soon.
The beaver looks so cute. I don't know if I've ever seen one close up though.
I'd love to exchange with you, but I'm not comfortable making a biscornu. I'd love to be able to send you something else though. Email if you're interested.

Lesleyanne said...

I hope your camera arrives soon. Lovely picture of the beaver. I'm afraid I'm no good at finishing but hope you find someone to exchange with.

Christina said...

My parents lived in Malaysia for 15 years and the postal service there is 'hit and miss' to say the least! We stopped sending Christmas and birthday parcels because very few of them turned up. I hope you're more successful with your parcel!

Danielle said...

Blu, if you have not found enough exchangers, I would love to exchange with you. I would rather make something else than a biscornu but would love to receive one from you! The biscornu patterns that Barbara Ana has come out with are so cute! Just let me know. Thanks.

Missy Ann said...

I never saw a beaver until I lived in Alabama.

I'm willing to swap a biscornu with you. But I can't manage it until December. Let me know if you're interested.