Saturday, May 8, 2010

A "Poor Me", All Whine Post

Backstory: I just finished my 1st year of a 2 year program that will turn me into a lab rat (in either the chemical or biological industry). Part of the program is working a Co-op term which I started on Monday. I've only worked full time once before and that job wasn't very hard.

I AM EXHAUSTED! I wake up at the crack of dawn, wear my winter jacket (why yes, Winnipeg weather has gone back to the single digits!), catch a too-early bus for 1 hour, work & work & work, take the bus home, eat and then sleep. It's times like this that I wish I could just stay in school forever! Studying is so much more easier than working! How on earth do you who work and herd kids do it? I can barely herd myself!

So what with all the fatigue I really haven't had much of a chance to stitch anything, which is making me crabbier and more grumpy.

Did I mention the weather? Today was a high of 6 Celsius. With a windchill of about -2. In May. *Grumble grumble swear grumble*

And of course my camera batteries are dead. I think it's a conspiracy involving the camera people and the battery people to drain money from poor crabby students.


I swear I'm going to end up being the neighbourhood crazy crabby lady (without cats) who sits on the lawn, threatens kids when they run across the lawn, and complains loudly about how "Back in my day...", "...walked twenty miles in the snow in my bare feet..." and "Kids these days have no respect..." etc.

And I'm hungry. But never at lunch or dinner time. Just at random hours. eg I wasn't hungry at dinner time (8 pm) but I'm starving now (at 1 am).

Where's my rich Prince Charming who'll sweep me off my feet to live the life of luxury I was meant for?

In keeping with my grumpy mood instead of flowers and spring I'll leave you with these winter pictures cannibalized from the net.

PS. I'm just venting. I'm incredibly grateful for my job and really enjoy what I'm doing.


Ineke said...

Those long days (without stitching!) are very exhausting! I can imagine you feel grumpy and want to vent.
I hope you still can see some little sparkles during the day.
Things will change again.

Kathy A. said...

Sending {{{{{{{{{{warm}}}}}}] hugs
and hoping you get over that tired feeling soon. Hang in there.

Parsley said...

Sometimes we go through the literal and figurative 'winters' of life. Here's hoping for a 'spring' day for you soon.

Carol said...

You will get used to your long work days very soon, Blu! I remember when I returned to work after having been home with my sons for 10 years and thinking I would never last through the first week... It really does get easier. I'm so glad you are at least enjoying what the job entails--not everyone can say that :)

Kristen said...

Yup, just do the time! It will get easier. It's good that you do like it. I do not envy the weather. I moved away from Maine, and I haven't look back. Although, 112 isn't a joyride either. I'm a stay at home mom and I think the same thing. Having a herd is hard!! :)

Annie said...

Hang in there. I'm sure better days are on the way!

Lynn said...

It will get easier as you adjust to the routine although it is a bit of a shock at first. I'm a lab technologist and work in a hospital Chemistry lab so I know just how hectic it can get. I've been off work for medical reasons for a month now and I hate the thought of getting back into that fast-paced world. But I love what I do!